Below you can view and/or download the English PDF building instructions of your Lego set Technic Pneumatic set. Couldn’t find the building instructions . ItemName: Lego Pneumatic Set, ItemType: Set, ItemNo: , Buy and sell LEGO parts, Minifigs and sets, both new or Instructions: Yes, Item Consists Of. 71 Items ItemName: Lego Pneumatic Set, ItemType: Instruction, ItemNo: , Buy and sell LEGO parts, Minifigs and sets, both new or used from the world’s.

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Perhaps my favorite subtheme of Lego Technic is pneumatics. My favorite set from my childhood is the Pneumatic Crane Truck, but set that perhaps techic me started on that path was the Universal Pneumatic set. These sets would usually come with a number of pieces and an instruction booklet to construct a number, usually four or more, of different models.

These sets were rather economic, but also somewhat dissatisfying looking back, as every model had at least some parts left over. The Universal product line was also often, but not always, used to showcase a certain construction element.

Usually it was motors,but pneumatic also got a couple of sets withand Even the humble flex system got one with The one I’m talking about was unfortunately one of the last of this line.

The set came with an instruction booklet that described on 68 pages how to construct each of the four vehicles 80442 could be built from it: A car, a forklift, a cherry picker and a claw rig.

Technicopedia: Universal Sets

Additionally, it gave instructions how to enhance the claw rig with the 9V Motor pack in order to motorize the claw rig. As such, the instructions are much faster than today’s standard in my opinion, as nowadays almost every minute step gets its own page.

The set comes with a decent number etchnic diverse parts, though only a few gears. Two 8-tooth, two tooth gears which are only used in a single model, two flat tooth gears used for switching the axle on the steering, and a rack techinc is all you get.

Of course, the focus of this set isn’t gears, but the pneumatic components. This set comes with a pump, a big piston, a small piston, two switches, a T-connector as well as a lot of tubing. There is enough tubing which I had already cut previouslyso you won’t have to cut down a log tube used in one of the models to create shorter tubes for a different model. Unfortunately, I lost my 15 cm gray tube, and I forgot to include a 7 cm black tube in the picture.

The first page of the instruction booklet has a ruler and 1: However, the most striking thing about the parts is the prevalence of the color blue. Blue is rather seldom used Technic, where black, gray and yellow dominate the landscape. Seeing that most of the models are also some sort of construction vehicle, they could have easily used the common yellow as the primary color, but it is nice that blue was chosen instead.


Though in recent years tecbnic has been used widely as an accent color for liftarms mimicking the seats in various vehicles, it is almost never used as the primary for a model, this being a nice exception. Grey is of course the primary accent color. This set is also a studded construction set, so naturally the set only uses parts that are an even number of studs in length.


Of course, this set was released before odd-length gray axles were even in production. What I also forgot to include in the picture above are the wheels, though you will see enough of them later on. Unfortunately, they’re a little bit dirty. The car is perhaps the most basic of the models. It only features a single piston of pneumatic function to open and close the hatch on the single-seat cockpit.

This model is the only one in the set that has a seat at all. While this model is the weakest in terms of functionality, in terms of design it is quite nice by hiding away the pneumatic switch and pump, though I think having the switch on the other side and pointing down would have been even better.

The pump also doubles as a form of shock absorber for the rear axle of the car. The rotary light is a bit misplaced though.

The forklift is the second model in the manual and has the pneumatic functions of raising and lowering the fork, as well as tilting it. It’s quite a steep tilt actually, and it’s good that they used some 8L axles as the fork rather than any studded bricks which I’ve seen used for the fork in some older sets.

Like all four models and many, many other Technic setsthis one features steering by turning the rotary light on top of the cabin, though this is the only one where the back axis is used for steering. When the big air piston is retracted completely, the fork actually lifts the front axle off the ground. The cherry picker is the model in this set that uses the most parts. It uses up all of the bushes that the set comes with.

The pneumatic functions included in the set is of course raising the basket, but also lowering some small outriggers at the back of it to give it more stability.

I personally like how the pneumatic switches have been hidden quite nicely on the back of the vehicle. The claw rig is my personal favorite of the models, perhaps indicative of me missing out on the Air Tech Claw Rig, which is definitely something I have to get some time. This twchnic is definitely a successor to it, also featuring a small pneumatic piston to open and close a claw at the end of a crane arm. The big piston is of course used to lower and raise said arm.


I would have liked it more had they found a way to hide the pneumatic switches a bit better, but they’re doing their job nicely. This set has a ton of playability with four different models to build, and perhaps some innovation to be used for it as well. The rare, blue color on the Technic pieces also makes it a nice set to look for.

Though it is nothing really extraordinary, it is a very good product, particularly to start insstructions out on pneumatics. Nice review of the set! Brickset has only two short reviews so far for it, so if you could add a hyperlink on Brickset to your Eurobricks post above, folks could get access to your excellent work!

LEGO should turn back and release some Universal set. Very nice set,it’s hard get nice pneumatic sets now or is there any at all? The only set with pneumatics available at the moment is the Tractor with Log Loader:. Later this year the Unimog U will become available that also has pneumatics:. The small pneumatic cylinder came in 4 Technic sets, and a range of Education sets and add-on packs: I have managed to get some of the pieces of this set including all the pneumatic cylinders and pump.

Do you still have the instructions of this set? Can tecgnic please give me a picture of this page?

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