Silverwing (The Silverwing Trilogy) [Kenneth Oppel] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Shade is a young silverwing bat, the runt of his. Silverwing by Kenneth Oppel – Shade is a young silverwing bat, the runt of his colony. But he’s determined to prove himself on the long, dangerous winter. A small bat’s curiosity leads to an action-packed odyssey in the acclaimed Silverwing trilogy from Kenneth Oppel, now available as a collectible boxed set.

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In swift retribution, owls burn the ancient nursery of the silverwing bats, forcing them to depart early for Hibernaculum, their winter roost.

Part of The Silverwing Trilogy. See full terms and conditions and this month’s choices. A mixture of adventure, friendship, and thrill, this novel left me hungry for more, so I went on to read the other two in the trilogy Sunwing and Firewing and I’m surely going to read Darkwing. This is my favorite book EVER.

Goth and Throbb agree, but Goth secretly formulates a plan to feed off the other Silverwings upon finding them. It tells the story of a colony of silverwing bats.


The book also features some quite dark themes that I didnt expect to find in a kids book, but maybe I don’t read enough 90s kid lit anymore! Please provide an email address. Dec 02, Rick Dobrowolski rated it it was amazing Shelves: She is also level-headed, being suspicious of Goth and Throbb even before they revealed their true colors. But he’s determined to prove himself on the long, dangerous winter migration to Hibernaculum, millions of wingbeats to the south.

The Silverwing Trilogy

Goth – A carnivorous Vampyrum Spectrum bat from the southern jungles. Goth originally planned to silverwkng him, but decided that he may be of use to him to find his way home.

The lesson is to value others and ourselves for what is inside, not outer trappings. I’m wavering between 2 stars and 3 stars for this book. Brutus – The general of the owls around Tree Haven. Ab kemneth zu musste ich sogar an “Watership Down – Unten am Fluss” oder auch “Felidae” denken falls euch das was sagt ;D.


It’s done so well, that I didn’t miss color in the descriptions of what Shade, the protagonist bat, sees. There’s also an element of some bats being tagged with bands by humans and released, and a sort of cult that grows up around it.

I liked how the author describes the world without using color. By clicking on “Submit” you agree that you have read and agree to the Privacy Policy and Terms of Service. They do not have a line in the whole book. Shade and Marina make for great, sympathetic heroes; and Goth makes for a truly terrifying villian.

It was so predictable and repetitive, and just flat out boring. I’m an adult but when I saw this at a bookstore and that it was about bats I just had to pick it up.

Marina, although annoying at times, is devoutly loyal silverwinf Shade, abandoning Scirocco to follow him. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. He also believes the king regards him highly, when in fact the king despises him. Remus was about to drown Shade and Marina, but relents to Romulus’s plea. It is a fairly harmless adventure story, but not much else.

A sudden storm blows Shade away from the flock; in the chase to catch up, he meets Marina, a faithful companion of another bat species; silvfrwing a nemesis in Goth, a huge, seemingly indestructible tropical bat with cannibalistic tendencies; escapes capture above ground and below; encounters a host of allies and enemies; and finds several mysteries to pursue–why other animals are so ready to wipe the bats out, what the silver bands humans give some bats portend, and especially what became of his banded father.

Even though our main character, Shade, does go on the journey and learn things, I didn’t feel like he changed all that much from the perpetually-curious outcast at the beginning. However, Remus’ brother Romulus believes their story and guides them out of the sewer. Thanks for telling us about the problem.

A perpetually-curious outcast who has to overcome the odds, try to figure out some mysteries, avoid bad guys, make new friends, and manage to make his first winter migration without the rest of his colony. Desperately searching for a way to rejoin his flock, Shade meets a remarkable cast Shade is a young Silverwing bat, the runt of his colony.

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Shade is a young Silverwing bat whose father disappeared before he was born. She saves Shade from the owls, and was willing kejneth sacrifice herself to the owls before Frieda’s intervention.

I would recommend for fans of the Warriors series and other animal-POV adventure books. When Goth and Throbb follow, Goth steals Marina’s band in the struggle. I started out writing sci-fi epics my Star Wars phase then went on to swords and sorcery tales my Dungeons and Dragons phase and then, during the summer holiday when I was fourteen, started on a humorous kennwth about a boy addicted to video games written, of course, during my video game phase.

I know there is kennsth sequel to, which I’ve got on my list to buy. Nocturna – The goddess of the northern bats.

Nov 07, An Odd1 rated it really liked it Shelves: At around twelve I decided I wanted to be a writer this came after deciding I wanted keneth be a scientist, and then an architect. Books by Kenneth Oppel.

Outside the tunnel Shade and Marina are sighted and caught by Goth and Throbb, who threaten to eat them unless Shade guides them to Hibernaculum. Now, another main point is the fact that marina is banded. Bats are my favorite animals, so you could see why I loved the characters.

This is an excellant book!

SILVERWING by Kenneth Oppel | Kirkus Reviews

It was a cute adventure story about a runt silverwing bat who is smart and curious and questions things, when most of his colony goes along with the status quo out of justified fear. The first encounter, outside the city, was thwarted silverwingg Goth and Throbb as they eat the owl in return. He eats pigeons, who call the owls, who rule that all bats are to be killed, all hours.