upaya untuk membekalkan panduan pemakanan dan diet yang praktikal dengan cara yang mudah dan senang .. daripada diet yang seimbang dan pelbagai. Jurnal of Community Health Vol 15 Number 1. 64 . kurang daya tumpuan, (13) gangguan pemakanan, .. hidup yang seimbang dan produktif. tidak seimbang, terutamanya bagi vitamin-vitamin tertentu seperti vitamin A dan Banyak kajian menunjukkan bahawa pemberian makanan.

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Protein is one of the important macronutrient needs for us. We need protein for building muscles, repairing body tissue, improve immunity against disease and also serve as fuel source in our body. Meanwhile, kidneys play a very important role to excrete the waste product of protein after the body chooses what they need.

In other words, increase protein intake will increase the burden to kidneys. When kidney function decline, we need to take care of the amount of protein ingested daily.

Diet & Pemakanan | Freedom to Live

Protein-restricted diet can help reduce production of uremic toxins or waste products which result from metabolism of protein. Hence, protein-restricted diet siembang help slow down the progression of CKD by reducing the burden to the kidneys.

The protein requirement will differ according to the body size and the stages of CKD. Proper menu planning is important for all patients who are practicing low protein diet because over restriction of protein intake may lead to malnutrition. Avoiding certain types of proteins is not zeimbang same as practicing intake of low protein diet.


Stop eating red meat or seafood but replace it with fish without controlling the portion size does not mean you are practicing low protein diet. During the pre-dialysis stage of CKD, jurnall is usually prescribed with low protein diet that only allow 2 to 4 oz or about 2 to 4 match box size of meat per day.

So, CKD patients practicing low protein diet can still enjoy the type of meat or seafood they like but to control the portion size. Protein intake should be revised accordingly when patients progress to ESRF or when the dialysis is needed.

Restrict or more protein for CKD patient? And selection of good protein

This is because protein will be leaking out during the process of dialysis. Higher protein intake is necessary to compensate the loss during dialysis besides help to maintain good nutritional status among dialysis patients.

Besides ensuring the right amount of protein, the type of protein consumed is equally important too. Good protein source contain all the 9 essential amino acids: Failing to consume the good source of protein will increase the risk of malnourishment and muscle loss.

The good sources of protein include meat and poultry, fish and seafood, dairy product and soy products but should always be taken in the right amount. For the plant protein source, only soy protein is categorized as good source of protein containing all the essential amino acid.

Tips Kehamilan 11 Minggu- Perkembangan Yang Perlu Diketahui – Jurnal Keluarga

There is no need for worry if we practice vegetarian diet, because we just need to eat a variety of plant base protein to get all the essential amino acids to maintain good health. However, there will be quite a challenge for vegetarian CKD patients to plan for their diet when they need to practice low protein diet. When protein intake is restricted, vegetarian CKD patients jurnap to choose the good source of protein and consume the right recommended proportion.


Therefore, soy protein is a good choice for vegetarian CKD patient who practice low protein diet.

Tips Kehamilan 11 Minggu- Perkembangan Yang Perlu Diketahui

In conclusion, protein requirement for CKD pemakaann will differ according to the stages of CKD and also the treatment received. Inadequate or excessive protein intake is equally harmful.

For example, excessive protein intake for Haemodialysis or CAPD patients may lead to hyperphosphatemia, a complication with excessive phosphate in blood which may cause bone disease.

However, extreme protein intake restriction in pre-dialysis CKD patients may lead to drastic weight loss and muscle jurnwl down that may lead to promotion of CKD progression.

Kindly talk to your doctor or dietitian before you put yourself on any diet management to prevent any negative outcome. Rekaan Laman Web oleh Orangesoft.

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