James BeauSeigneur, a former intelligence analyst for the National Security Agency and newspaper publisher, taught political science at the University of. James BeauSeigneur. likes. Author of The Christ Clone Trilogy. #1. Birth of an Age: Book Two of the Christ Clone Trilogy. from: $ #2. Acts of God. from: $ #3. List View | Grid View. Books by James BeauSeigneur.

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Into this, a savior will rise, cloned from Christ.

That’s All for This Time

The Messiah of the New Age. His coming is prophesied by more than a dozen major religions. Cloned from live cells of Jesus Christ found on the Shroud of Turin, Christopher Goodman was born into the most turbulent time in human history. Mentored by former UN Assistant Secretary-General Robert Milner, Christopher rises in position and power, and displays remarkable wisdom and compassion.

But through disjointed bits of dreams that sometimes haunt him, Christopher reveals significant troubling errors in the biblical record of Jesus life. Soon the reason for Robert Milner ‘s interest in Christopher becomes clear: Milner explains that without Christopher, humanity will not long survive. Under Christopher ‘s leadership, however, mankind stands on the threshold of a final great evolutionary leap that will bestow on the human race god-like powers.

This is the reason, Milner says, that Christopher was born. In Israel, an unexpected threat to Christopher ‘s ascension is growing: Together, the men lead an outlawed cult offollowers, each branded with the names Yahweh and Yeshua on their foreheads. HardcoverRevised and Expanded with jaems guidepages. The Christ Clone Trilogy 1. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up.

To ask other readers questions about In His Imageplease sign up. I have a copy jammes the original ebook version, and I know there is a newer version that is improved and different I can see differences looking at the Amazon preview of the book.

Does anyone know if it’s enough of a difference to be worth waiting until I get the new version instead of reading the older version? Sunny Petkova You always can read both versions – the one you have and in a time, the new bauseigneur after you get it.

See 1 question about In His Image….

James BeauSeigneur – Wikipedia

Lists with This Book. I was torn between 3 and 4 stars here I finally went with 4. This is an interesting premise, live cells found on the Shroud of Turin are cloned. The resulting child named Christopher jwmes scientist who clones him is an atheist and named the boy after Christopher Columbus rather than Christ.

He is to be “the first” and begin a “new world. I became very interested in these books and do recommend them. By the way these are frankly Christian novels and while I don’t have a lot of Unabridged audio. By the way these are frankly Christian novels and while I don’t have a lot of arguments with their view of Christianity and scripture, I wouldn’t suggest getting your theology from here, at least not here alone.

I don’t however think there is anything here that will offend most Christian readers.

Acts of God (James BeauSeigneur novel) – Wikipedia

They are fairly interesting, absorbing, well done, and respectful of Christ. I’d say they fit neatly into what might be called “mainline Christian thought”. Still these are well written enough that non-Christians will find an interesting story and get an absorbing read. I include this information for those who might be annoyed simply at a Christian read and also of course for those who are looking for a Christian read. There are quite a beauseigndur of Christian novels concerning prophetic events out there, I think these are some of the best and are “good novels” not just good “Christian” novels.


Ja,es don’t give 4 stars lightly, it means that I truly enjoyed the book. So, an excellent novel and very readable. So this kicks the pants off the money institution that is the “Left Behind” series. Although this book is in the same vein, it actually uses things into today’s culture to show how beauseignur in the book of Revelations beauseigneeur occur without all the obvious fire and brimstone that everyone else is banking on.

Today most Christians lack beauseibneur sense of reality and really just long for the end to come and prove their faith the “best ever.

I’m a Christian as well, so I’m not saying anything other than the truth about a group of people I choose to be a part of.

This book does a hell of a job showing the character that is to become the antichrist truly being a pawn. This character shows how easily we “humans” can stray from the truth, even if it is with the best of intentions. This book trilogy is so well written on mames many levels that it should be read in church groups with the intention of it being broken down and discussed.

Without questioning who we are and what we believe, we are nothing greater than sheep being lead by the wolves. If you want a read that gets you too look at the “end of days” in a new light, beauseugneur getting you to see a new apocolyptic inturpretation that may be an afterthought to the “sheeple”, this it.

View all 3 comments. A Quickie Review Despite its supposed popularity, beauseibneur Left Behind series is rather poorly written and hard to get through; after just six books, I had to give up.

I had read online that the Christ Clone trilogy was a much better account of the “end times,” so, when I saw it on the sale rack at my local library, I picked it up Much better writing, a superior story, and an intriguing premise all made for great reading. Here’s hoping that I c A Quickie Review Despite its supposed popularity, the Left Behind series is rather poorly written and hard to get kames after just six books, I had to give up.

Here’s hoping that I can find the other installments in the series Very good fiction, but I warn you only read if you are going to read all three of beauseigneug trilogy.

In my quest to listen to all of the audiobooks in the fiction section in my local library I have come across beauseigeur few odd books.

James BeauSeigneur

This is on the beauseigjeur side of most of them. The one with the seagull shape shifting detective excepted I apologize for any misspellings of religious icons in advance, you’ll have to bear with me much in the same way I had to bear with the idea of this story. So here is the basic idea of the book. The Shroud of Turin was found in the ‘s and a journalist goes to report on it, undercover as an assistant to some professor.

When they get back life goes on and all is good. Then we fast forward some decades and the professor has found some human cells that were still living on the Shroud and he decides logically to clone them. Turns out he cloned Jesus. In the book the professor who does it says he thinks they are leftover cells from some alien species. Well how about the idea that you could clone Jesus? I find that utterly absurd. But ok the author gets a pass on that.

  3M DX70 PDF

But beauseigbeur goes to great length to explain that beauseitneur clone doesn’t have the same experiences as its original so it won’t be the same person. Yet throughout the whole book the cloned kid is having flashbacks of being Jesus. So then he isn’t a clone right there but this is called ajmes “Jesus Clone Trilogy”. The author should look up what is and is not a clone.

A few more years pass and there is this weird event where millions of people die jammes some unnamed illness. It’s not like beauseignrur are swept up because they are religious or whatever, they just die. Jesus clone doesn’t die though. He instead finds the journalist who messed around with the Shroud. Because the guy who cloned him told him to do that if anything happened to him.

Well, if you are a clone of Jesus, naturally what you want to do most in the world is um The journalist goes to Isreal at some point and is captured by some militant group.

But first it is explained that the Shroud jajes Turin that was carbon dated to prove that it was not old enough to be that Shroud really is the Shroud because, of course, the Ark of the Covenant is really a time machine box that the Shroud was placed in.

The same journalist that was like, psshh aliens, goes holy moly that explains it! So crazy equals aliens, not crazy equals a magical time machine box that kills people when they look at it. Luckily for the journalist the Jesus clone has learned to astral project and frees him from the militant group.

More years go beauseigneir and more bad stuff happens so the Jesus clone iames an Italian citizen and then an ambassador to the U. Then we learn some weird stuff like that John the Apostle is still wandering around and it was really him not Judas that betrayed Jesus or something and we know it because the clone of Jesus remembers it that way.

Then the Jesus clone wanders in the desert for beaueeigneur days and brings back this guy who I wasn’t exactly clear bsauseigneur who he was or what he was for. While he is out there, nuclear war begins and things get really bad. But here is the strangest thing about this book. It is well written. If the author could have left off all beauseigheur crazy Jesus cloning garbage and just focused on the global politics that are going on, he could be another Tom Clancy.

But I guess he wanted to make up a story about cloning Jesus instead. I really hope the library does not carry the follow ups to this one. I am not sure what I will think about this book but I jmaes a bit skeptical about the description on the back.

Something about Jesus being cloned? After a promising start detailing the s scientific exploration of the Shroud of Ebauseigneur, this book devolves into what seems to random episodes scattered throughout the world and not pertaining to what the book is supposed to be about.