Islamic dream interpretation for Ibn Sirin. Find the Muslim meaning & explanations about Ibn Sirin on Among the masters and scholars in the field of dream interpretation, Eastern people easily recognize the name of Imam Muhammad Ibn Seer’in (God bless his . The Interpretation of Dreams attributed to Ibn Sirin, one of the Followers or second generation of Muslims, a famous dream interpreter and traditionist, is a book.

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This item is currently unavailable. We have no information as to when it will be restocked. Your email for notification. Afterlife and the Unseen.

Life of The Prophet. Islamic Law and Rulings. Marriage and the Family.

Lectures By Zakir Naik. Lectures Iterpretation Haroon Yahya. Lectures By Khalid Yasin. All Time Top This Week’s Top Afterlife and the Unseen Ibn Sirin More from publisher. The Interpretation Of Dreams This item is currently unavailable.

Email me when this item is restocked:. The Interpretation of Dreams has always provoked interest in all societies, even in secular ones like ours. From the dreams of the Prophet Joseph and Nebuchanezzer down through the ages to our dresms time there has been no community which has not regarded dreams as messages to be decoded so that their meaning can be understood and benefited from in the spiritual as well as the temporal domains.

Islamic society is no exception to this rule and dreams have always constituted one of the elements which Muslims have used to regulate their lives. Indeed Islam has incorporated this in the practise of Istikhara, or “Seeking the best path to take,” which includes the believer hoping to see a response to his request for guidance in a dream.

The Interpretation of Dreams sorin to Ibn Sirin, one of the Followers or second generation of Muslims, a famous dream interpreter and traditionist, is a book of Muslim dream interpretation whose present day relevance is proved by its continued popularity.

Siirin of us dream and most of us occasionally wonder what our dreams mean. The key to understanding may well be found within these pages. Do you need more information about siirn item?

Customers who bought this item also bought: I have bought 3 other books on dreams intepretations from this site, this being the 4th, trying to get some clues to the dreams i have been seeing.


If some-one knows any-one who can intepret dreams please let me know! A good book which I have used alot since getting! Really interesting book, I used to have really vivid dreams it was great to be able to read up on what they meant the next morning.

A very helpful book which looks reliable and accurate from most other Dream interpretation books. By Sameer on Unfortunately, we are not qualified to answer questions authoritively on Islam and therefore refrain from doing so in order not to mislead.

We are only able to answer questions on our products. Please redirect your question to http: By Customer Services on I’m afraid the publishers of this book has not provided this book in an E-book format and is only available in hard copy. I always see flowing of water and streams in my dream By feroz khan on Dreaming of small horse in the room.

By gulzar mullick on By suhair on By imran ahmed on Unfortunately, we can only answer general questions on our products.

I would like to know is this book authentic or sahih? By Susan on Ibn Sirin interpretated dreams at the time of the obn pbuh or just after. Please let me know what does it mean if you continue to hear the Azan full, clearly once a month or so and then you dream get to hear the iqamah in full in ones dreams. By Sarah on Please redirect your question to www. I had a dream of Prophet Yusuf as. Does that mean it’s really him visiting me in my dreams? By Sayeda on By farha on By saba on By Lubna on When will you have Interpretation of Dreams by Ibn Sirin in stock.

By Rifat Taj on In order to be informed automatically by email when an item is th, please browse to the products information page and enter your email address in the space provided on that page.

By alishba on Thank You Customer Services. By Dildar on By ayan on They seem to have a very similar cover, title and authors seem to have a very similar name. I want to buy one of these two books but not sure which one?

The story of Ibn Sirin, the famous dream interpreter

Can you help please!!! The publishers are different. By Annoymous on I saw a dream in which there was my father and me Interpretatoon were watching our neighbours house A stranger had come to their house and brutually killed their sheep.


In the dream i saw myself and my father watching those sheep being thrown in water and then collected back by some neighbourhood boys I saw the river filled with blood Please knterpretation me what it could mean. By Sehrish rasool on By deeqsi on This is my secound time i dream of im wearing henna and its so beautiful. First time i was in some tje alot of red carpets and so nice blaces to set like we have a partty or something but still there is no much ppl on therebut all i was busy on is was my henna i was so happy with that henna.

By shukriya on Salam Alaikum, I had a dream that I was standing at a gas station looking at the road. I saw someone that I have very strong loving feelings for floating in mid air and moving along the road. This man was sitting but praying. Following behind him is a friend of his also praying and floating. I then found myself praying. I woke up shortly after. This man is someone I wanted to be with but certain circumstances made it impossible.

We have not spoken for a while do to hurt feelings.

Ibn Sirin Islamic Interpretations & Meanings

By ruru on I did isthikara for marriage with person who proposed me, i saw goat or lamb on my bed but it made the interrpretation dirty with his stole and then in same dream i saw same goat or lamb at the corner of bedroom and i knotted hin with something so he cant move from there, Please reply me what this dreams means as you know marriage is most important decision of any girl so plz help me out.

By Malik on By farida on By raqeeba on By ishrat on I seen earthquake in my dream. What does this mean. By shareef Siddiqui on By Muhammad ibrahim on I have seen many dead peoplewho happen to be my relativeswho have already passed away many years ago.

In my dream I saw myslef sitting with them and interrpetation coming to greet them. It was an old family house. I flew to get to meet them.