Apr 13, But it is now the subject of Harold Bloom’s powerful new book, which deepens and extends the lines of intertextual vision as set forth in his. Nov 15, HAROLD BLOOM AND THE MODERNIST TRADITION. Literary Criticism and Close Reading. Although Harold Bloom (), from the. In print since , A Map of Misreading serves as a companion to Bloom’s other seminal volume, The Anxiety of Influence. This finely crafted work offers.

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In print for twenty-seven years, A Map of Misreading serves as a companion volume to Bloom’s other seminal work, The Anxiety of Influence.

In this finely crafted text, Bloom offers instruction in how to read a poem, using his theory that patterns of imagery in poems represent both a response to and a defense against the influence of precursor poems.


Influence, as Bloom conceives it, means that there are no texts, but only relationships between texts. A full-scale reading of one poem, Browning’s “Childe Roland to the Dark Tower Came,” represents this struggle between one poet and his precursors, the poem serving as a map for readers through the many versions of influence from Milton to modern poets.

A Map of Misreading

For the first time, misreaeing a new preface, Bloom will consider the map of misreading drawn by contemporary poets such as Ann Carson and Henri Cole. Bloom’s new ov of contemporary poetry over the last twenty years will illuminate how modern texts relate to previous texts, and contribute to the literary legacy of their predecessors. He has what seems to be a totally detailed command of English poetry and its scholarship Because of his entirely gripping theoretical passion his readings are almost unparalleled in skill and thematic nuance.

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Academic Skip to main content. Choose your country or region Close. A Map of Misreading Harold Bloom.

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