So when Gilly hears of Belinda, the beautiful foundling who appears to be For over fifty years, Georgette Heyer was the undisputed queen of historical. Foundling [Georgette Heyer] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. “What happens when a many-titled Duke decides to play hookey from his. The Foundling (Regency Romances) [Georgette Heyer] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. What happens when a many-titled Duke decides.

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I’m a big Heyer fan and this one lives up to all expectations. Several side-dishes, such as pork cutlets with Rober sauce, larded fillets of beef, tenderones of veal and truffles, and a braised ham, graced the board Heyer showed here her best pen, why she was so good geodgette of amusing and loved books.

The Foundling (novel) – Wikipedia

Gilly is one of the first type B heroes in Heyerdom and also one of the youngests, perhaps he is not so appealing to a great number of female readers, but for them as you have already said, there is his cousin Gideon. Jun 03, Lesr Kew rated it really liked it. In need of a laugh, I certainly found one.

He decides to disappear for a day or two, partly to see if he can survive without his large entourage, but mostly just to get away from his smothering environment, and if this causes a certain amount of anxiety, so much the better.

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The Foundling

Read more Read less. He has not been–how shall I put it? In fact all the revelation of feelings and the tying of loose ends in the latter part of this story had me in tears a few times. The conversations are interminable, seeming to exist for the sake of using period slang especially that made up by Pierce Egan and not particularly witty to me.


I also wished they could begin to understand that Gilly had, before their own eyes, grown into a man — and was a man capable of making his own decisions. He isn’t like Heyer’s normal heroes. No matter that of any character, I imagined myself most like Gideon, with a slanted humorous grin, taking in the whole onslaught of rather silly predicaments and entanglements with much amusement and enjoyment, in the corner of the room.

Wasn’t really a romance book, it was a book about finding who you are and gaining independence. Even at her dimest, I imagine she is better than most, but understand your disappointment after the sparkling Grand Sophie. I know I was a bit, and couldn’t help wishing that the heroine should have been involved in the main plot.

Foundilng had my attention from the start to the end. How could I not also love Gilly? Beginning inHeyer released one romance novel and one thriller each year. Please try again later.

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The unwillingly engaged hero or heroine, in this case, both Orphans Unruly young adults, often the orphan, but not always Hero masquerades as someone else Mistaken identity see above Someone on the run or hiding from an authority figure The hero in this story, a reluctant duke, about to come of age and be responsible for his estate, and all that entails.

He is so precious!

Indeed, part of the fun with any Heyer novel is comparing it to those you have previously read, recognizing a certain plot twist from one, a secondary character with a doppelganger in another. I have a fondness for “Mr.

The Foundling – Georgette Heyer – Google Books

I love sweet-tempered Gilly, another of Heyer’s non-standard heroes, his friendship with his cousin Gideon, and his irascible Uncle Lionel. In his travels, Gilly encounters Tom, a magnet for mischief of all kinds, Belinda, a beautiful, empty-headed girl whose virtue is teetering on a knife-edge, a brace of villains, and a host of georgettd of all stripes that, foudling a Duk This is a romance only in the sense that the hero is happily settled with his lady at the end of the book; really it is an adventure and, I suppose, a journey of self-discovery, although I’m sure Georgette Heyer would never use or approve of such a navel-gazing term.


Trivia About The Foundling. In The Foundling, Tom Mamble provides some of the comic relief – his backward race on two pigs, a cow and an old horse, is hysterical! The reader catches glimpses of it, but not many. I don’t think I’ve read a Heyer before in which a friendship between two men was such a focus, and I liked it quite a bit. And yes, the heroine’s role in this book is a small one, but she, too, is coming of age and her gentle assertiveness grows as she grows in confidence of Gilly’s love for her.

Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here June, – Still five stars for me, and still a favorite Heyer! The Foundling Regency Romances. Could have been 50 pages shorter and I would have liked more scenes with the lovely Hwyer Harriet, but all in all, a wonderful read.

Of course, this is a Georgette Heyer novel, so naturally nothing goes according to plan. Does plain Mr Dash put his arm round ladies in hackney coaches?

Amazon Drive Cloud storage geyer Amazon. But she’s not, and only makes a few appearances at the start and at the ending of the story.

This is one of those books I would love to see made into a movie or better yet a miniseries.

This is Gilly’s coming of age story, and quite an adventure it is, for one who’s been so sheltered.