FUNÇÕES INORGÂNICAS Prof. Agamenon Roberto. Gabarito Funcoes Inorganicas. Bruna Félix. Uploaded by. Bruna Félix. Download with Google Download with Facebook or download with email. Funções Inorgânicas: Dissociação e Ionização. View more presentations or Upload your own. Funções Inorgânicas: Ácidos, Bases e Sais.

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O jogo se resulta nas seguintes modalidades: The game”Organic Functions” features in order to assess and exercise theknowledge related links, the chains, the structural formulas, theclassifications and the classifications of the best known andstudied organic substances hydrocarbons, oxygen function,Nitrogenous Functions and Other Organizational Functions.

Following the programmed contents that are studied in high school.

In order to identify the structural formulas of the compounds; andnomenclature of each requested substance, according to theInternational Union of Pure and Applied Chemistry IUPAC -International Union Pure and Applied Chemistry, this aims to givelogical names to chemical compounds. Although the game focus onorganic substances, some issues are represented by inorganicsubstances, since it can make connection with hydrocarbons.

Thegame results in the following ways: This highlighted in Note on the screen of the levels of eachchallenge. In it, you can compare your performance note and Time reported by seconds obtained by performing the tests for each ofthe modes present in the Challenges levels. In each question, youcan earn 50 points; Each error is taken that 10 points 50, or byselecting ihorganicas wrong alternative, this question will have the value of40 points and will be subject to funxoes if another alternative iswrongly chosen.

In this case, as an example, you hit the issue onthe third try, then it will get 20 points. Can reset the score whenyou want. This game inorganicaz mathematics differently, whereone has to interpret the problems and find the correct equation. Oxe e as Vogais 1. Esse jogo estimula alunos de seriesiniciais a aprender sobre as consoantes e vogais do nosso alfabetode maneira divertida. Oxe is a young man who had great difficulty inseparating the alphabet vowels so decided to end this war leavingschool he began decorating and pick up the greatest number ofpossible members for all their paths in any environment whatsoever.

Oxe is keen to pick up and separate the largest number of membersthus ending its difficulty.

Química – Toda Matéria

This application gathers theinformation about the subjects, hours and their respectivesemesters of Bachelor of Computer Science Federal Institute Baiano- Senhor do Bonfim Campus. Application that presents the courses andtheir descriptions in the Federal Instute Baiano campus Senhor doBonfim.

Este jogo foi desenvolvido por: Math Quiz is a game with the use ofeducational proposal for elementary school students II, which hasfour difficulty levels and only the 1st level is unlocked. Theplayer must unlock the other three levels to complete the game. This game was developed by: Application thatdescribes the information on the various campuses and rectory ofthe Federal Institute of Education Baiano. Similar Apps Show More Functional Groups – Quiz about Organic Chemistry 2.


Preparatorio Medicina Funcoes Inorganicas Lyric | MetroLyrics

The most inorganocas app for organic chemistry students includes 80functional groups, the classes of organic compounds aldehyde,ethers, esters, etc. Start from the basic groups such asketones and hydrocarbons and proceed to the advanced topics forexample, azo compounds and boronic acids.

Choose the game mode andtake inoragnicas quiz: The app is translated into 13languages, including English, German, Spanish and many others. Soyou can learn the names of the functional groups funcofs any of them.

Ihope that this application will help you prepare for the exam inorganic chemistry! Do you know the formula of ammonia? What isthe structure of benzene? Learn chemical substances that arestudied in introductory and advanced chemistry classes: Choose the game mode: The app is translated into 9 languages, includingEnglish, German, Spanish, and many others.

So you can learn thenames of the chemical compounds in any of them. It is a perfect appfor every student preparing for the chemistry classes, exams, oreven for chemistry olympiads. Learn names and formulas of all important inorganic acids,polyatomic ions and their salts.

An app is suitable for everyone: Take a quiz oruse the table fujcoes a reference. The app is translated into 9languages, including English, German, French, and many others.

Soyou can learn the names of the acids and ions in any of them. Thisapp is ideal for those studying inorganic chemistry. Beautifully Designed for TabletsChemistry Formulas and equations arranged in most useful way.

Jnorganicas app iscontinuously updated with latest details and added with new topicsfrequently. Chemical Formulas Quiz 1. Quickly learn the chemical formulas of the most important inorganicand organic substances and ions, taught in secondary education high school inorganicaa, by taking the free multiple choice quizzes.

Systematic name, trivial name common nameor both are given,depending on their importance. The Inorganica application allows you to find chemical reactions andto solve the chemical equations with one or multiple unknownvariables. You’ll always have Mendeleev’s Periodic Table andSolubility table handy! And even the calculator of Molar Masses isnow on your phone! The app can find the equations of chemicalreactions even if the right or left part is unknown, it helps youwith organic and inorganic chemistry.

The discovered reactions willbe displayed in a usual and ionic form. Organic chemistry formulasare drawn by the app.

Mendeleev’s periodic convenient interactivetable. Tap a chemical element in the table to find more informationabout it. The funcooes of solubility of substances is added to theapp.

Now your textbooks become funcoea The app contains many usefulchemical tables: The best solver of chemical equations forAndroid. This application provides an information about important InorganicChemistry reactions, helps to balance chemical reactions and tocalculate molecular masses of chemical compounds.

The application isfree and works in offline mode. The key features of the applicationare following: Instead ofswitching between small and capital letters, you can just type thewhole compound formula using only small letters.

For example,instead of “Na[Al OH 4]” you can type just “naal funcoe 4” inambiguous cases fubcoes application might ask for theclarification. Also, unlike many applications, this application canbalance the complex Reduction-Oxidation reactions, which caninvolve a funcoees of simultaneous reactions. For example, theapplication can balance the following reaction: Theapplications contains plenty of important Inorganic Chemistryreactions. However, the database of chemical reactions will beupdated periodically.


Practice and niorganicas with many chemical compounds with only selectingan element and its type. Chemistry also helps you to search themtyping their nomenclature. Complete Chemistry focuses on students learning chemistry. The appcovers tutorials, solver, quiz, formulas and dictionary.

It coversall you need to know to understand chemistry concepts. Thechemistry practical exposes you to periodic table and dilutioncalculation. Complete chemistry offers a quiz section for jnorganicas knowledge and areas you need to improve on chemistry.

The appalso has a note section where you can save notes of items you wantto remember or a summary of certain concept. The question andsolution section uses Past WAEC exam questions and solutions whichwere provided by WAEC for students planning to sit for WAEC examsIfyou have a suggestion or issue with this app please kindly let meknow through my contact email so that I will attend to itimmediately.

Index of /quimica_geral

Remember to rate this app. Educational Top Show More All in 1 Game Edukasi Anak adalah sebuah game inorgahicas berbagai macampermainan. Permainan-permainan yang mengajarkan anak anda mengenalbenda-benda atau hal-hal disekitar kita.

Antara lain, mengenalmacam-macam binatang, mengenal angka, mengenal huruf alfabet,mengenal bentuk, mengenal warna-warna, dan mengenal buah-buahan. Pada versi terbaru tambahan fitur mengenal alat transportasi,anggota tubuh, profesi, alat musik dan benda sekitar. Kinidilengkapi fitur matematika, penjumlahan, pengurangan, perkaliandan pembagian.

Untuk penjumlahan, pengurangan dan perkalianmemiliki pilihan level, dimana funoces bisa memilih level yang mudahatau level yang lebih sulit. Jadi tunggu apa lagi, downloadsekarang, game ini cocok untuk anak antara umur tahun. Daripadakasih anak anda permainan yang menghabiskan waktu mending berikansaja permainan ini, biar anak anda bermain sambil belajar kan jadibermanfaat.

Download sekarang juga, gratis lho Games that teach your child recognizeobjects or things around us. Among other things, get to know allsorts of animals, recognize numbers, recognize letters of thealphabet, recognize funcoss, recognize colors and familiar fruits. In the latest version additional features familiar withtransportation, limbs, profession, musical instruments and objectsaround.

Now inorgaicas features math, addition, subtraction,multiplication and division. For addition, subtraction andmultiplication have the option level, where you can choose thelevel that is easier or more difficult level.

So wait no more,download now, the game is suitable for children ages years. Thelove of your child’s game to spend time mending just give thisgame, let your children play while learning the so helpful. Download it now, for free you know