DYNAMIC: Safaricom’s director of consumer business Sylvia Mulinge shows customers features of the new FLEX service during its launch at. There is no practical difference between Safaricom Flex Bundles from let’s say a new Tariff that would offer voice, data and text at hugely. Flex Tariff. PM. Can anybody tell me please if existing PAYG boosts can be transferred to these new plans? Also are they technically PAYG or .

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At birth, Safaricom Flex Bundles was celebrated as the final freedom provider to Safaricom service users. That with the Flex Bundles, no Safaricom customer ought to experience headaches ever again — almost literally.

The math, the rigidity, and the stupidity of Safaricom Flex Bundles

The reason many Safaricom subscribers cannot come to terms with the Safaricom Flex Bundles is because the Flex Bundles is nothing more than a new tariff hiding behind what many have come to relate to as Data Bundles.

Forgive me if that makes no sense but here is the simplified explanation:. This is because the Flex units are not tied to one particular service e.

The comparison between Safaricom Flex Bundles and a service like Airtel Unliminet should make more sense, and I will do that shortly. Purchasing Safaricom Flex Bundles for Shs 2, will give you 3, Flex units to use in data, voice, or text anyhow you like. This means that one Flex Bundle is worth Shs 0.

If you purchase one week bundle, then the cost of one Flex unit rises to Shs 0. If your purchase the daily shs 99 Flex Bundles then the cost rises to Shs 0. After the one minute call, you will remain with 3, Flex units.

Data rate — Let us assume that after the call you will now spend the next one hour browsing at the rate of 10MBs per minute.

In one hour, you shall have consumed MBs. Remember one flex unit is worth Shs 0. You can compare this with the monthly data bundle for Shs 2, which gives you 7.

That is, if you were to consume the entire Flex units on data bundles, then you will have 9. Anyway, after one minute of phone call and one hour worth of browsing, your new flex balance should be units.


flex – China HS code & import tariff for flex, page 1

This is because 3 text messages will consume 1 Flex Unit, and if your Flex Units is the monthly rate of Shs 0. What should be clear from the above is that if you are on Uwezo tariff, then you will spend an upward of shs 3 per minute to make calls, shs 1 per text message, and probably Shs 0.

Alternatively, you fldxt opt to spend Shs 2. Safaricom Flex Bundles are supposed to be flexible, in that the bundles should allow you to access voice, data and text all within one flexxt purchase.

To give customers more discount also on voice and texts, the telcos have come up with options such as the Airtel Unliminet that provide subscribers with the ability to purchase bundled data, bundled airtime and bundled text messages for a prescribed amount of money.

For instance, purchasing Airtel Unliminet for Shs 1, every month ought to give you 2GB of data, minutes talk time, and text messages. What happens when you run out of data but you still have of talk time and text messages and your Unliminet is about to expire? Many would have wanted to be able to transform text messages and airtime to data — since with data you can decide to watch endless YouTube videos and exhaust the entire bundles before the expiry time.

Since this is not possible, the best one can do with Unliminet is to renew the bundle before expiry and accumulate Airtime and text messages on end- and it may reach a time when there are 20, of unused Airtime and overof unused text messages.

This scenario is what Safaricom Flex Bundles intends to prevent. But the Flex Bundles is still rigid. The rigidity of Safaricom Flex Bundles become obvious when the Flex bundles are about to expire, or has run out, and you do not have the required finances to renew whatever bundles you have purchased — be it daily, weekly or monthly. For example, my first monthly Flex bundles ran out when I had zero cash on me, luckily I still had Shs 2, in airtime so I just renewed the monthly flex bundle.


Since the only way to reasonably extend flexf Flex bundles would be to buy another monthly Flex bundle flexg shs txriff, them being broke at the time of expiry is direct punishment by Safaricom.

What if they could be able to extend any remaining Flex units for another month but only with shs ? I bet that would make sense to very many monthly subscribers. Majority of daily Flex users have been complaining too.

Flex Tariff – The EE Community

Not everyone can afford Shs 99 each day the only option that was available at launch or even the newly introduced shs 50 flex bundle, but a number of subscribers would love to have a shs 20 daily option.

This is something that Safaricom tagiff found out when they introduced the bamba 20 and bamba 10 credit units. Airtel also introduced their daily Unliminet at Shs 50 and Shs options, but later realized that they needed to introduce the Shs 20 Unliminet option too. For the weekly option, It would be great to have a Shs per week, a shs option per week, and Shs option per week instead of shs per week.

For the monthly options, more flexibility should be introduced through Shs monthly, Shs monthly, and the shs 2, monthly. The fact that these options are unavailable makes Flex Bundles be too rigid, financially, for many traiff.

As explained in the math section, there is no practical difference between consuming direct airtime under a tariff and the Flex Bundles — and the only difference between the Flex Bundles and Uwezo tariff is cost.

Flexible tariffs

I find that the option of introducing a new tariff tsriff way smarter compared to the existing complicated Flex Bundles options that I consider stupid — and rigid yet it is supposed to be flexible. And to any in Safaricom reading this, where are my weekly statements on Flex usage? What is your opinion on the topic?