spiritual knowledge need look no further than ECKANKAR – The Key to. Secret Worlds. Sri Paul Twitchell, the Occident’s principal exponent of. “soul travel. ECKANKAR—The Key to Secret Worlds is such a map. The book is a classic work of spiritual literature written by Eckankar’s modern-day founder, Paul Twitchell. Eckankar has ratings and 7 reviews. ArEzO. said: پال توئیچل در کتاب اکنکار از راه نهان ای صحبت می کنه که از طریق سفر روح بهش میشه رسیدبه نحوی کلی .

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Where do you look for answers? Have you had puzzling spiritual experiences? Do you want something different than the conventional religions and churches of your childhood? When I was in my early thirties, I had similar questions and desires.

Its beliefs were handed down to me like a quickly spent spiritual inheritance. I enjoyed Transcendental Meditation; it put me into a soothing state of bliss.

But during the stillness of meditating, spiritual longings stirred again. I wish I could say I understood it. But esoteric, poetic passages began to speak to me. Like breeze-blown eeckankar, they gently drifted into my mind and whispered their truths.

Yet these themes were familiar and as welcome to me as reawakening spring buds. My excitement grew as I read profound passages, fell into deep sleep, and awakened to hungrily devour more.

In his book Paul Twitchell described strange, hidden destinies that were not fantasies or imagination, but realities anyone could discover. Wolds exploration of secret worlds possible? After reading the last page, I emerged from my bedroom and began walking downstairs, still clutching this marvelous, mysterious book.

What felt like a gale-force wind, accompanied by a deafening roar, rose out of nowhere and pinned me against the wall. I had to cling to the railing or risk tumbling down the carpeted stairs. Spiritually, I certainly no longer lived in Kansas. At last, I surrendered to the embrace of the invisible wind.


Yes, this was truly one powerful book.

Every time I read it, this ageless book still answers my questions, gives me hope, and fills my heart with eckamkar. Linda, a member of the ECK clergy, works for the publisher. This is truly a great book. One of secreet favourites. I got to really understand a lot about the mind, and the effects of the negative aspects of life. Why could it disappear so easily, what had I done to warrant the loss of love?

These are some of the questions I had prior to finding Eckankar. He wished us a safe journey home. Mere hours later, the significance of these words would come back to me, along with the words of the speaker that preceded Harold.

Eckankar: The Key to Secret Worlds – Paul Twitchell – Google Books

My friends and I had a 10 hour journey by car ahead of us. We left that same evening quite late, figuring that with two of us sharing the driving, we would be home by early morning. The third time I actually did fall asleep, waking as one of the ECKists was calling my name in alarm! The car had left the road, yet miraculously, the fateful moment occurred at a spot where the high embankments on either side of the road gave way to a gentler easement, where tall grasses had been freshly mowed.

We cleared the wheels of grass, and, back on the road — shaking our heads as to what had happened — a white owl flew directly across the windshield, just as the first rays of sunrise were breaking over the horizon. Everything I read — at least that which made an impression on me, has given me a basis on which to build my life.


We each have something special to give, no matter how humble. My ex-husband and I were on vacation and while he drove I read this book. It disclosed truths to me I was already familiar with in my heart of hearts, but had no outward knowledge of.

Page after page the revelations came quickly. That was 47 years ago. Each day that passes I learn something spiritually. Thank you, Linda for sharing this. Eck books have great power themselves. Once I was reading it and then I went out to just look outside of my window. I saw something that stunned me to my core. I saw a huge cloud that had a beautiful heart shape. I felt a deep feeling of love when I saw it. Because I knew at that time it was a symbol of love from the Master.

Agelessly Fascinating—”ECKANKAR—The Key to Secret Worlds”

I thanked Z with so much gratitude and Love. So many other miracles happened in my life while I was reading this book.

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