[] [DragonHeart] English Transcripts. (1) Not bad. (2) But not good [] [Armageddon] English Transcript. (1) Man Narrating ] This is. All my life I’ve dreamed of serving noble kings, noble ideals. Dreams die hard and you hold them in your hands long after they’ve turned to dust. I will not be that . Script Synopsis:In an ancient time when majestic fire-breathers soared through the skies, a knight named Bowen comes face to face and heart.

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Learn English by reading Movies Transcripts.

Movie Transcripts: [] [DragonHeart] English Transcripts

Labels Action Adventure Animation Biography Comedy Crime Documentary Drama English Family Fantasy History Horror Mystery Romance Sci-Fi Short Sport Thriller War Western. Contributors Yaser Aburrub Yaser Mohammad. I don’t have your energy. Just to see you in action, Bowen. No bright souls glitter in this darkness.

He has taught him the Old Code.

He will grow just and good. The boy must swear. Give me your sword, Knight. He can save you. Ask what you will of me. It was my stroke made you king. The king is above the Code! Heroics befitting the days of Arthur and the Round Table! A scribe, scholar, historian and poet. Modesty as well as valor. Still, it’s one less dragon. I’ll take the gold.

Dragonheart (1996) Movie Script

One dragon put down, one bag of gold. I bend no knee to Einon. Might we travel together? I’m a disobedient child. Your castle is built. What scrilt I say? You’re one who kills dragons for money. That must have hurt. The flame against the shield. Haven’t had this sort of challenge in some time. But if you win, you’ll be out of work.


She and I were the last. And you’ll kill me for sport? But I can go three days without sleep. I’ll stab you before I nod off. Marvelous, we’ll kill each other. Out of the way! You never seem to get rid of them. I should have met you a long time ago. My word is my bond. That’s a service to mankind. And what does a dragon know of the Old Code, anyway?

His word speaks only truth. Nothing can bring it back. I just try to get by in it. I should think you’d welcome death. Aside from your misery, what’s to lose? I hope you like it well done. But I never found him. If you’re the last, he must be dead.

He polluted the heart! I was his teacher. I have a name. Mostly about what to call you. No, I would be honored to be named after those stars. We’ll not dance to it again! Why scdipt good food on bad dragohheart It’s rarely inspiring, lass. I’ll make you a fair offer. Don’t do this to me! You knew my mother! Get rid of her.

They’re trying to placate you with a sacrifice. Just get rid of her! You ate Sir Eglamore, hypocrite. We dragons love to sing when we’re happy. Then why were you in my village? You remember the village? Where have you been? Oh, don’t get angry, Bowen. I was worried to death! Half the village is out there with me. Still giving carving lessons? I’ll dragonhheart you one. It was you who broke with me! They were your beliefs! You spoke them from your heart! I once knew a knight. Doesn’t have to be.


Even if you could raise your army You’ll see cragonheart time the end will be different. Dgagonheart saints be blessed. He’s in league with the dragon. It doesn’t get any deeper! You’ve done it again! That’s even bigger than the last one! That’s what’s going on! Forgive me, my child. We’re all going to die!

Dragonheart – Wikiquote

Omens won’t win battles. Your heart beats in Einon’s breast. A knight is sworn to valor. That’s all I need to understand! Only a fool would join you!

I’m going to start one. It’s just a few peasants waving pitchforks! What do you draglnheart We’re safe here, Your Majesty!

I want it alive! Come where I can see you.