View and Download Dell Axim X3 user manual online. Dell Axim X3: Users Guide. Axim X3 Handhelds pdf manual download. Also for: yr2 – axim x3 – win. Manuals and User Guides for Dell Axim X3. We have 5 Dell Axim X3 manuals available for free PDF download: Information Manual, User Manual, Setup Manual. View and Download Dell Axim X3 setup manual online. Axim X3 PDA pdf manual download.

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Other trademarks and trade names may be used in this document to refer to either the entities claiming the marks and names or their products. Safety Instructions Use the following safety guidelines to help ensure your own manuwl safety and to help protect your device and working environment from potential damage. Use care when handling the adapter during or immediately after operation.

Use of another AC adapter may cause a fire or explosion. Use of other types may increase the risk of fire or explosion. Use shielded signal cables to ensure that you maintain the appropriate EMC classification for the intended environment. For parallel printers, a cable is available from Dell.

If you prefer, you can order a cable from Dell at its worldwide website at www. Safety Instructions continued Observe the following safe-handling guidelines to prevent damage to your device: Apply the water to the cloth; then stroke the cloth across the display in one direction, moving from the top of the display to the bottom.

Remove moisture from the display quickly and keep the display dry. Finding Information Find It Here: To view Help, tap the Start button and tap Help.

Before performing any of the procedures in this section, read and follow the safety instructions on page To avoid losing the stylus, store the stylus in the holder when you are not using it. Ensure that the stylus is oriented correctly when you replace it in the slot. Do not use your device until you have charged the main battery for manuzl least 4 hours. Before you use your device for the first time, you must install and charge the battery.

Once the battery is charged, use the power properties to monitor ,anual battery charge.

Your service tag is located underneath the battery. You need your service tag if you access Dell Support at support.

Charging the Battery Use one of the following options to charge the main battery: Charge the main battery. See maual the Battery” on page 23 for more information.

Dell Axim X3 Pocket PC download instruction manual pdf

To connect your device to the cradle: Place the cradle on a flat, level surface near your computer. Connect the cradle cable to the USB connector on your computer. Using the Sync Cable Use the sync cable to connect your device directly to the computer without using the cradle. Depending on the configuration of your device, the sync cable is optional. To connect the sync cable: Connect one end of the cable to the USB connector on your computer. Connect the other end of the cable to your device.


To install a Secure Digital memory card: If a card is already installed, press in the card to release it, and then remove it.

Ensure that the card is oriented correctly, and slide it into the slot until you feel a click. To perform a soft reset, use the stylus to press the reset button. When you perform a hard reset, you lose all the data stored and any program you installed on your device. Perform a hard reset if: Device Buttons and the Stylus Your device has hardware buttons that control actions and scroll functions, and a stylus for selecting items and entering information.

On the device, the stylus replaces the mouse: If there is not enough room to display all notification icons, the notification icon,displays. Tap the notification icon to view all notifications. Icon Description Turns sound on and off.

Backup battery is low. Main battery is charging. Main battery is low. Icon Description New instant message s.


New e-mail message s. Programs You can switch from one program to another by selecting a program from the Start menu. To access programs that are not listed in the Start menu, tap the Start button, tap Programs, and then delp the program name.

Some programs have abbreviated labels for check boxes and drop- down menus. The following table contains a partial list of programs that are on your device. It displays the active program and current time and manial you to switch to other programs and close screens.

rell For example, you can use the pop-up menu in the contact list to delete a contact, make a copy of a contact, or send an e-mail message to a contact. The actions in the pop-up menus vary from program to program. Finding and Organizing Information The Find feature on your device helps you to quickly locate information.

On the Start menu, tap Find. Enter the item that you want to find, select a data type from the drop-down menu, and then tap Go to start the search. You can also use the File Explorer to find files on your device and to organize your files into folders. Backing Up Data To prevent or minimize data loss, you should periodically back up the data stored on your device.

Use ActiveSync to synchronize the files on your device with the files on your axiim. You can also drag and drop files from your device to your computer using Windows Explorer. You have several options for entering information: To change word suggestion options, such as the number of words suggested: Tap the Start button and tap Settings.

  FT - 2900R PDF

Tap the Personal tab, tap Input, and then tap the Word Completion tab. Select the desired settings and tap OK. Other versions do not support Letter Recognizer. Tap the arrow next to the input panel icon and tap Letter Recognizer.

Dell Axim X3 Setup Manual

With your stylus, write a letter between the lines that appear on aaxim bottom of the screen. Transcriber is included with the English, French, and German asim systems.

Other versions do not support Transcriber. Tap the arrow next to the input panel icon and tap Transcriber. With your stylus, write anywhere on the screen. When you pause, Transcriber converts your written characters to typed characters. Tap the pen icon to deselect it. Drag the stylus across the text that you want to select. Tap and hold the selected text.

Dell Axim X3 User Manual

Tap the appropriate editing command in the pop-up menu. If you want to convert only certain words, select them before tapping Recognize or tap and hold the selected words and then tap Recognize on the pop-up menu. If a word is not recognized, it is not converted to print- style text. Tips for getting good recognition: Write the cross of the “t” and apostrophes below the top line so that they are not confused with the word above. Write periods and commas above the line.

Drawing on the Screen You can draw on the screen the same way that you write on the screen; however, selecting and editing drawings is different than selecting and editing written text.

For example, selected drawings can be resized, while written text cannot. Editing a Drawing To edit or format a drawing, you must select it first: Tap and hold the stylus on the drawing until the selection handle appears.

To select multiple drawings, deselect the pen icon and drag to select the drawings. Tap and hold the selected drawing and tap an editing command on the pop-up menu. You can also make a recording by tapping the Record icon on the Recording toolbar.

To play a recording, tap the name of the recording in the list or tap the speaker icon in the note. You can adjust the device settings to suit the way you work. To see available options, tap the Start button and tap Settings. Depending on the features of your device, you might have additional tabs and additional items on the tabs.

Set the amount of time that the device can remain idle before it turns off. The Pocket PC version is already installed on your device. Insert the Dell Companion CD. Click the yellow triangle to access the main menu.