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Quality of Diagnosis in a Higher Education Institution: The purpose of this article is to present the quality perception in a higher education institution, by having as its research subjects the students, professors and managers.

Thus, this research was developed by descriptive analysis of quantitative and qualitative datas, which its problematic was to present the perception about the educational quality in the academic community, regarding to indicators of the Ministry of the Education – MEC. The instruments applied in this research in order to identify this ee were the model HedPERF questionnaire, customized to the students, professors and managers interview.

As the research purpose, it was intended to indicate a conceptual perspective of the educational quality, from the theoretical contribution to the evaluation instruments decrreto, which allows to guide the management in the HEI.


Results list of Browse by country – NATLEX

The main result to ponder is focused in checking the evaluation created by 573 MEC indicators, which presents a lower result, in relation to the subject perception of this research, before the employment of the instrument HedPERF Adapted. A presente pesquisa justifica-se pela necessidade de aprofundar estudos relacionados com a melhoria da qualidade educacional das IESs.

Neste sentido, define-se os contextos e sujeitos para pesquisar a qualidade da IES. Consequentemente, a empresa impulsiona-se para decerto seu caminho.

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Qualidade quer dizer conformidade com os requisitos.