Dungeons & Dragons, D&D, Dragonlance, the Dragonlancc togo, d the d20 System .. “Now is begun what will be known on Krynn as the Age of Mortals. Age of Mortals: Dragonlance Campaign Setting Companion [Margaret Weis, Jamie Chambers, Christopher Coyle] on *FREE* shipping on. Age of Mortals (), by Margaret Weis, Jamie Chambers, and thanks in large part to the new crunchiness of the D&D 3e system ().

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The undisputed masters of Krynn. The stuff of legends for over a thousands years. Whether encountered alone in their lairs beneath the ruins of ancient cities or flying in great numbers over the battlefields of Solamnia, dragons are the icons of fear and hope in the unfolding drama…. The Children of the Stars.

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The elves are forced to shape their future amidst the tragedy of exile, while the dwarves struggle to carve theirs from internecine strife. The minotaurs proclaim manifest destiny, while the kender look hopefully to life without affliction. Gellidus, known to many as Frost, is the last remaining Dragon Overlord upon the face of Krynn.


This terrifying foe plans to achieve ultimate power through the dark magic of his dead cousins and a terrible pact with the powers of evil. An order rose against them, Dark Knights who work to control the people of Ansalon with an iron fist.

Age of Mortals – Wikipedia

The Legion of Steel was…. Written in the Stars… The mortal races of Krynn can see the presence of the gods by simply turning their gaze to the night sky. There the constellations of the gods of good, evil, and balance wheel about in silent struggle to influence their children who live and die on the world below. Bearing ancient magic and a terrible secret, they are the target of powerful enemies—including tireless agents of Chemosh and a distant, enigmatic threat. With luck, determination, and skill….

A Pouch Full of Adventure! Tasslehoff Burrfoot, famous kender adventurer, has traveled throughout the world and even through time.

His maps led the Heroes of the Lance throughout their quest, as well as a new generation of heroes during the War of Souls. The contents of his map…. Wizards have shaped mighty spells under the light of three moons for countless millennia. They are Orders of lf, evil, and balance all united in the devotion to magic above all other concerns.


Each wizard must undergo mortal deadly trial before venturing onto the path of true….

An ancient secret is discovered in an overrun border town, long ago forgotten by the elves of the east. It is a magical key—so obscure that history does not remember its form or even what it unlocks. But an unseen evil searches tirelessly, even as the lost knowledge…. Creatures of Krynn From Across the Ages. Creatures great and terrible have ravaged the lands of Ansalon and beyond through the five ages of the world.

Some are familiar, creatures that one might easily encounter should the journey go into the wild. Others are mysterious, unknown….

Age of Mortals, the Fifth Age

SourcebooksBook 10 Genre: Age of Mortals Erad Buy from DMs Guild. SourcebooksBook 9 Genre: Age of Mortals CampaignBook 3 Genre: SourcebooksBook 8 Genre: SourcebooksBook 6 Genre: Age of Mortals CampaignBook 2 Genre: Tasslehoff’s Map PouchesBook 1 Genre: SourcebooksBook 4 Genre: Age of Mortals CampaignBook 1 Genre: SourcebooksBook 3 Genre: Memorable Quotes Magic will be my sword.

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