Finding the tough conversations too hard? Struggling to hold others accountable for their performance? Crucial Conversations and. Accountability Skills Training. Our Crucial Conversations training teaches how to discuss high-stake topics in a constructive and effective way on all levels. VitalSmarts Releases Crucial Conversations® Online Training. Now, the dialogue skills from the award-winning training course can be.

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Are there difficulties within your organization that stop you from achieving desired results? In that case a crucial conversation is probably holding you back. Common problems like poor quality, declining customer satisfaction, and slow moving processes are issues that converwations be solved by discussing them in an open and honest way. When organizations avoid crucial conversations, because they are too emotional or because opinions vary, this often leads to declining results.

Our two-day Crucial Conversation vitlasmarts teaches you how to have an open dialogue about high-stakes, emotional, and risky topics within every level of your organization. You will learn to have crucial conversations in an effective manner that will result in unity and commitment. Our two-day course crucia, you four essential skills that are needed to improve your performance as an individual, as a team, and as an organization.

When your organization suffers from declining productivity, a lack of commitment, poor quality standards, disappointed customers, or lacks other key vitalsmarta factors, then our Crucial Conversations training can help conversatiions turn the tide. Our training Crucial Conversations helps you to break taboos, reduce office politics, and make sensitive topics discussable. The result is an organization that works together in a constructive manner. In addition to our two-day training program, VitalSmarts offers you and you employees the possibility to follow a training to become an in-house Crucial Conversations trainer.

As an in-house trainer you will teach other employees the art of Crucial Conversations. You are required to complete the two-day training program before you can start the additional trainer course. If we did not convince you just yet about the value of Crucial Conversations for your organization, then you are cruciwl than welcome to join one of our inspirational sessions. During a two-hour session, it will become clear how your organization will benefit from Crucial Conversations.

The buildup and the videos made it easy to relate to cases. The instructor is clear in explaining, can bring theory into practise. Usually it’s hard to stay focussed, but she managed vitapsmarts well to keep my interest. Practice role-plays rehearsals, videos building the recap steps visual, posters as we went through the chapters. The instructor has real-life stories and she makes you feel safe, comfortable.


I can practice cruciwl powerful skills every day in my work and in my private life too. The instructor is clear and provides a safe feeling. A very good training which Conversationw will practice in my daily work. The training is sharing with other: The instructor is listening and provide personal “Experiences to explain training and concept”. It feels comfortable vitalsmrts it gave me new insights I was not aware of. I like group interaction and practical exercises. The instructor is engaging everyone in the training.

De instructor has charisma. Crucial Conversations is applicable for all aspects of life business, personal. Easy and interesting material. The instructor is engaging and friendly.

The best parts of the training are role plays, the videos, and the stories and experience of the trainer.

The trainer has a lot of knowledge, is connecting with all participants, and she has a lot of energy. The training is logic, with good role plays and refreshers. The trainer takes care of everyone.

It explained in a clear manner how to handle Crucial Conversations which I have vitlasmarts day. Her clear and enthusiastic way of explaining she was really motivated to get across the theory.

Learning Your Way.

I can apply the knowledge immediately in my real conversatiins. Good mixture of different means to convey the key messages movies, excercises, dialogue, plenary.

The instructor has short interval controls on how did we feel during the course, regarding pace, quality etc. She was sharing personal stories that where easy tot relate to.

The training has a usefull CPR model.

conversatiohs Also analysing facts and stories is a powerful skill. The instructor explained very clear, and is very kind, and really supportive to non-native speakers.

Training Crucial Conversations ®

Great characterisation and delivery. The instructor is energetic and very competent. Clear, lots of practice.

Takes time to explain. Excellent course material and well-structured course. Our trainer was very knowledgeable and clear. It gives insight in what you’re already doing good and where you can improve in a safe environment. Trainer has a clear voice and explains very clearly.

The tools to embark on Crucial Conversations were very useful. The instructor, her ability to involve everyone in the discussies and the use of time. Balance group more and theory was great. Make sure to mix the teams more often to more experiences can be shared. The training has simple tools and concepts, that you can use in your work and private life to improve relationships and results.

The instructor is open and uses her own real life examples. The training was very good! I like the structure of the concept of Crucial Conversations and video clips.


The instructor was very well prepared and could answer all my questions. The training is not only applicable to the business. The instructor has impressive skills to motivate the class, also with fun. The make it safe part asking for feedback often and making sure everyone follows. The instructor asking for feedback often and making sure everyone follows.

I personaly prefer following the material over the pair discussions as some people don’t take them very seriously, so time is not used efficiently. Good constructive examples and enough time to practice. The instructor is very nice and open person, patient, good structure of training and friendly. The training is interactive, has videos en role plays and is a research based training. The instructor is very clear in giving instructions. She has enthusiasm and knowledge. The training has a good learning style.

The instructor is open, cgucial skilled, and engages the class all the time. Very good training materials, including the presentation on screen. The training is personal with good examples. The instructor explaines very well and uses strong examples.

Simple, effective theory that was delivered in an engaging way that brought it to life. Willeke crucil understands the material, so she could bring it to life. No improvements from me – it was a highly effective facilitation. A troughly enjoyable course. I have learned a lot, viatlsmarts you! Vitlasmarts training is very engaging and really good. This two-day training is very effective. The instructor is mastering the skills very well. The trainer is a great communicator, good overall training skills, and well prepared.

It helped a lot to engage me all the time. vrucial

Training Crucial Conversations | VitalSmarts Benelux

She made it safe so I felt very comfortable. Crucial Conversations looks really applicable to life, where other comunication methods I got trained look more theoretical. Excellent training materials, specially the videos that are key to learn about Crucial Conversations. Examples from the trainer are also key for that purpose. The small group conversatiosn intensive interaction was excellent. The instructor was open, and perfect general teaching skills. Best course I have attended in a long time.

Clear goal, agenda and documentation. The instructor is enthusiastic and energized. The content and materials are very strong. Willeke is very knowledgeable about the content of the program. She convegsations build bridges between different parts of program and real life examples.