Find great deals for ClearOne XAP Audio Conferencing System XAP Shop with confidence on eBay!. Find great deals for ClearOne XAP Xap Audio Conferencing System Microphone Mixer. Shop with confidence on eBay!. ClearOne XAP Professional – First-mic priority eliminates hollow tunnel sound by activating only the microphone closest to the person speaking.

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ClearOne XAP Audio Conferencing System XAP | eBay

clearpne Did you miss your activation email? December 31, Glad to see this. I have been playing around with my logitech hub and vera the last few days. I completely missed this.

ClearOne XAP 800 Professional Conferencing

Thank you for documenting. What mics did cleatone pick up? I love my Beyerdynamics MPC I am not to fond of the Crown PZM It could be that it is a bad mic, but i have yet to find the sweet spot on sensitivity. I am either low or high on settings. January 05, Hi, i’ve work really hard to find information about the best mic mixer device and the best way to apply it in my project but clexrone is difficult!


I got really excited with: How is the best and efficient way to play music in my bedroom while watch blu-ray 7. I don’t knok if i make myself clear. Haddood on January 04, Good to know that each speaker will take one input so my 5. TV out is connected to sound card line in so it is part of the 5. Basically XAP, is a matrix mixer, which means you can route any input to any number of outputs So the scenarious are limitless I highly suggest that you download the manual to fully understand the possibilities The main reason I went with XAP not ef is power supply I hate those things as the always end up cluttering space and they are always a pain to manage February 02, Am I right in thinking that you pass line level unamplified outputs through the mixer, run them to another room and then into an amplifier?

Or do you pass direct from an amplifier’s speaker output, through the mixer, and into the speaker? February 03, Can you give any detail on how your are making the audio connections from the sound card that plays 5.

And also on the connection from the XAP to the 5. I would think your only options would be to go from the sound card to the XAP would be 3. I have the same question on the 5. Are you using some sort of converter? I am looking at replicating your setup in a home I am looking at building. So far, that’s the part I was unsure of after reading your posts. Haddood, I’m sorry if I was not clear enough! My english is terrible!


But I still have a doubt remaining What about de MICs connections? How they are connected into the PC?

Each mic take an input in the XAP ? I am very grateful for the help!!!

Haddood on February 06, February 06, Incredible it is exactly the sound card I have However for the mic input I use the built in sound card in Mac-mini I run windows on old Mac mini And I use TV out through the line in of this sound card so all generated sounds pass through XAP for echo cancelation.

February 07, Hopefully Haddood will have time to respond eventually.

In the meantime, have you consulted the manual? There’s a link to the ClearOne manuals somewhere here on the forum. If you’re using the XAP