CIMON SCADA, WEB VERSION, also available WEB VIEW and WEB Control. Minimized investment in SCADA license. Cimon announces UltimateAccess SCADA product family offering multi-platform control & visualization. CIMON SCADA is developed by specialists who designed with open structure to satisfy various user characteristics and easy to build interface with software.

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Compatibility in communication with variety of industrial devices helps to construct an optimum network and able to build stable and innovative integrated network.


Also easy graphics, Visual Basic Script, abundant library, and other functions for users helps to prove its performance. Report User can create report in Excel Microsoft Office Program based on hourly, daily, monthly, or yearly.

Data Logging User can save and manage data.


The data can be saved and exported scaxa text or Excel file, and can be shown in graph using histrorical trend. Recipe To control production process of different products, Recipe Editor offers easy configuration to create, save and edit the parameter sets. Chart Based on Data logging, 2D and 3D chart can be generated.

Trend Analysis UltimateAccess provides real-time mode and historical mode trend. Maximum 16 tags can be added to a Trend display.

CIMON SCADA – Industrial Automation Management | CIMON

Alarm UltimateAccess provides alarm configuration to view real time and historical alarm information. With email driver or mobile application, you can have alarms in your email inbox or smartphone. Convenient Editing Supporting icmon object library and switch lamp helps user to reudce working time for graphics.

Multi-language UltimateAccess supports any Unicode character to meet international standards. Korean, Chinese, Japanese, Hebrew, Arab, etc.

Library Most advanced graphic image and animation library are built-in. Users can create their own animation and import different types of graphic. Simple graphic editing Including animation can be done directly in UltimateAccess.


Visual Basic Script Most advanced graphic image and animation library are built-in. User Protocol User protocol helps user to build communication driver by easy tool.

It helps to construct much broad network. It is used when client needs to check tag data of server.