Editorial Reviews. Review. The powerful fantasy novel Child of the Prophecy successfully concludes Juliet Marillier’s Sevenwaters Trilogy, which. Title: Child of the Prophecy Author(s): Juliet Marillier ISBN: / (USA edition) Publisher: Paw Prints Availability. CHILD OF THE PROPHECY: Book Three of the Sevenwaters Trilogy. Juliet Marillier, Author. Tor $ (p) ISBN

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She is Fainne who has been raised prophecj her father in seclusion and who is gifted with magic. This is what makes her interesting when she finally realizes that she must fight back against the evil that has surrounded her her entire life – the reader has to spend a long time waiting for her to take a stand, so the payoff is ultimately satisfying. Refresh and try again.

Johnny challenges a Northwoods champion to single combat, with the terms being complete control of the islands. This question contains spoilers… view spoiler [Spoiler alert! Child of the Prophecy was often not an easy book to read. This page was last edited on 5 Novemberat She combines tragedy and desperation with hope and love – romantic and familial love, love of the forest or the sea, love of the old ways that are dying out.

Her stories are like a spiderweb: This act really disgusted me. Whi I admit to not being entirely rational about the Sevenwaters Trilogy. I usually avoid sad books because the emotion often feels contrived, but these are not tearjerkers. From a second book where the metaphysical element had a secondary role and so it was more a historical novel than a work of fantasy, we go to a book where the element of magic and fantasy are predominant, so I can say that we are returning to the realm of fairy-tale.


This is where I started to be very conflicted about this girl. I purchased Child of the Prophecy at my own expense at audible. I also questioned her slow realization that the amulet was not a good thing.

I will order the next book on audio as it’s time to re-read them all anyway. I don’t really get his somewhat slavish devotion to Fainne considering all she put him through, but he is an admirable character and any woman would be lucky to have a man like him.

Child of the Prophecy

While Maeve is slowly recovering, Fainne and the other young girl cousins are invited to visit Eamonn at Glencarnagh, where Eamonn shows great interest in her. They had no crises of identity like Fainne, so we never really had the same experience of seeing them decide who they were, as we do with Fainne. Book Three steps slightly out of the tradition of Sevenwaters, with the young heroine Fainne being raised far from the homestead, in Kerry.

Then Fainne volunteers, as she meets all the criteria of the prophecy: It is absolutely captivating. She’s the daughter of Ciaran and Niamh from the previous book, making her the granddaughter of Oonagh, the sorceress out to destroy the Sevenwaters family.


Child of the Prophecy (Sevenwaters, #3) by Juliet Marillier

Child of the Prophecy is the thrilling conclusion to Juliet Peophecy award-winning Sevenwaters Trilogy. But on the other hand, I found the perspective of Fainne to be uncomfortable.

As the residents of Sevenwaters gradually work their way into Fianne’s heart, she learns that she is stronger than she ever realised and reaches deep within herself to fight Lady Oonagh. To force Fainne to do this, her grandmother threatens her father with sickness and a slow death.

Unfortunately, it was not meant to be! Eventually, she finds her way back to seven waters and her extended prophecj.

The island is then shrouded in the mists only to be seen briefly by the occasional seaman until that time in the far future if men again remember. Marillier failed to convey the true hatred that resided within Lady Oonagh’s heart and her dialogue depicted her as a blood-hungry witch.

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I loved the idea of Darragh’s character, though he was not executed well at times. One thing I found interesting as I re-read them.