You are passing a float value to scaleTo attribute. The scaleTo attribute expects an integer value. I will also suggest not to use flash format for. scaleTo in cfchart not working ColdFusion CFCHART Pie Chart Data Label Position . cfchartseries does not match current parent item cfchart error. cfchart name=”myChart” format=”jpg”> Your problem is probably with resolution of the path to the image. try an absolute path .

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Sign up using Facebook. It appears that each Ehcache ZingCharts object uses a lot of memory. That setting only relates to ” Cache type”: By using our site, you acknowledge that you have read and understand our Cookie PolicyPrivacy Policyand our Terms of Service.

Email Required, but never shown. Brad 4 11 Evik James 5, 12 54 Any help would be highly appreciated.

However, if only one series is returned it is not In the example image all the series are Have been trying to work around in the Webcharts Tool but no luck so far. I need to overwrite one of the styles that’s defined in the more general external file that’s being referenced in the style tag. ColdFusion supports integers between -2,, and 2,, bit signed integers.

It will throw an error if your code is migrated to the newer version of CF. This is by design for performance. That’s not what I call a memory cache. Thanks for reply, Its been some mot but I’ll try your suggestion.


The docs says you can set this from 1 to 5. The email works fine, the chart attaches successfully but something is wrong with how I am generating the ColdFusion initially stores the number as a string. You can assign a value outside this range to a variable. And since the value is float, CF is throwing an error. I hope this helps! The data comes from a query and works correctly worjing there is more than on series on the chart. Post as a guest Name. Use the cfchart tag in ColdFusion to display a bar, pie, line, or other applicable type of chart.

Ultimately what’s happening is that all these cfcharts are getting added to the EHcache Memory and not being removed until you hit a max.

I’ve created a bug report: Dynamic Y axis with Ccfhart in Coldfusion 11 I have many charts in my application Is there any way to make the y axis more dynamic with json. Sign up using Email and Password. Brandon Allison 30 8. TheGerm 1 2 I wonder if the type of charts matters?

coldfusion – cfchartseries does not match current parent item cfchart error – Stack Overflow

By using our site, you acknowledge that you have read and understand our Cookie PolicyPrivacy Policyand our Terms of Service. Generate the PDF file. Tushar Bhaware – RE: I am trying to add a line to represent the average of the bars. It would be nice to dynamically change the title of the chart based on selection criteria If you have a ” Cache type”: Same error message or the chart isn’t visible?

So no matter how you slice it, anything bigger than that is not going to work. Saul 5 18 Is there any information I could post that could help in the cfchagt direction? All i am getting is a small placeholder like square.


How to get cfchart working? Sign up or log in Sign up using Google. Although “Maximum number of cached images” don’t seem to apply to the Disk Cache, but it does seem to apply to the Memory Cache.

Highest Voted ‘cfchart’ Questions – Stack Overflow

How to add a cfchxrt to a bar chart in ColdFusion? The code works fine when I access it through localhost, but when I use static IP to test it online on the same server it timeouts. I want one of them to be reversed. I suspect that the rendering of the cfhtmltopdf tag happens asynchronously, in a separate thread from any rendering that may happen inside that tag for example, cfimage or cfchart. The time-to-idle will still delete the ones on disk at that amount of time, even if Cache Type is Memory.

So the cfhtmltopdf tag will finish rendering, and it won’t have the results from the rendering of cfimage or cfchart, so it displays the “broken image” icon because it can’t find the source.

Questions tagged [cfchart]

Nick Clark 31 7. I’m not sure how or why but the lower Y-Axis limit is being set to instead of zero. Sign up using Email and Password.