For specific information about using the product on a network. 06/09/ (2), Download (MB). Get Adobe Acrobat Reader DC. Download and view the. HLDN · Not your product? Downloads · FAQs & Troubleshooting · Manuals · Consumables & Accessories · Supported OS · Specification. Brother HLDN: Network Guide. HLDN Software pdf manual download . Also for: dnlt – b/w laser printer, Hldnlt, Multi-protocol print server.

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Download the latest drivers and utilities for your printers, read the FAQs and troubleshooting tips. Some Brother printer models are network ready as nanual. Other Brother printers can be upgraded with an optional Network Print Server. Associating to the Printer. How to Print in a Windows The contents of this manual and the specifications of this product are subject to change without notice.

This is brrother 24 hours a day, seven days a week. You can use the system to send the information to any fax machine. Redistribution and use in source and binary forms, with or without modification, are permitted provided that the following conditions are met: As a result, any host computer that supports the Berkeley remote LPR command can spool jobs to Brother print servers without the mahual for any special software on the host computer.

The node name in this file does not necessarily need to be the same as the one that is actually configured into the Brother print server the name that appears on the printer settings pagehowever, it is good practice to make the names the same.

On SCO systems, there is a printcap file, but it is automatically configured by the rlpconf command. Most of these systems generally use a printer setup program to define the service name remote printerthe print server name remote machine or IP address, and the local queue name spool directory. You must now specify the remote host name, remote queue name and the input filter to use.

The Remote Host name is the IP address of the printer, or the name from the hosts file which corresponds to the IP address of the printer.

Select Printers and Plotters. Enter any name as the Printer Name this will be the name of the print queue. The mwnual is as follows for AIX 4. Enter smit and select devices. Name of device to add user selectable; for example lp0.

If this is the first printer configured, you must also use the lpsched command prior to the accept command. The Brother print servers support the FTP protocol. UNIX host computer running the lpd line printer daemon. Berkeley-compatible UNIX systems with the lpc start command as shown in the following example: IP address from the range: When you have done that click Next.

Click the Next button. Enter the IP address, or name of the printer you wish to configure. The Wizard will automatically enter the Port name information for you. Select the printer manuap you wish to configure. Select File and then choose Properties. Click on Next in response to the Welcome message. The installation program will create the directory for you if it does not already exist on your disk.


Instead, press the Start button, select Settings, and open the Printers window.

Brother HL DN User Manual | 35 pages

Click on the icon of the printer that you wish to configure, select File from the menu bar, and then choose Properties. Printer icon not the Network Printer icon onto the desktop. The Create a Printer window should be open if it is not, double click on the printer icon.

Type in any name for gl-5170dn printer.

Brother HL 5170DN User Manual

To make the print server operate transparently with DOS programs, execute the following Brotber will make the printer appear to the software as a printer that is directly connected to the parallel port of the workstation.

PC is using version 4 or later of Microsoft Internet Explorer. Brother printers are also compatible with HP JetDirect software, this means that you can use HP utilities to manage and to print to your Brother printer. Push the Next button in response to the Welcome message. Select the desired option and press Next. If you need to change name, you can configure the Brother print server to recognize this. There are four ways of doing this. If you are unsure about the name of your workgroup or domain, look in the identification tab in your network applet.

You will also find that the print server may take several minutes to disappear from the ho-5170dn neighborhood even if the printer is switched off. This is a feature of Microsoft workgroup and domain based networks. Enter any desired name for the Brother printer and press Next. For example, you could call the printer “Networked Brother Printer”. Setup Guide for information on how to print the settings page on your print server. Other Sources of Information Visit http: For example, a user on a PC in New York could print a document directly from his Microsoft Excel application program to a printer in Paris.

When a job is printed to the BIP virtual port, it is actually MIME- encoded converted to a standard Internet E-mail message and sent out to a Brother print server at the remote location. This means that BIP is compatible with most common E-mail software packages.

The only requirement is that the E-mail server be capable of sending E- mail message over the Internet. Configure the POP3 server on the E-mail server at the remote site with a manuaal account Mailbox name and password for the Brother print server generally, the mail account name will mwnual the first part of the E-mail address; for example, if you assign the E-mail address emailprinter xyz.


BIP software is as follows: Select the node name of the desired Brother print server from the list and double click on it. The default password is “access”. Refer to “Brother Internet Print: You should see a Segmented Message Timeout option.

As an alternative to BRAdmin, you can use mankal print server remote console to configure the print server. You will jl-5170dn see a message about Partial E-mail Print.


Partial E-mail Print is the ability of the Brother Internet Print software to break down E-mail Print jobs into smaller sections to prevent a mail file size limitation problem for the mail server. Click Next when you are done. If you have selected a printer driver that is already being used, you have the option of either keeping the existing driver recommended or replacing it. Select the desired model of the remote printer for example, Brother HL-series.

Click on the icon of a printer that is using BIP, select File from the menu bar, and then choose Properties. You will then see the printer selection screen in the Add Printer Wizard. If your printer is not in the list of supported printers, click the Have Disk button. You will then be asked to insert the driver disk. Get More Info option will not display any printer data.

Brother HL-5170DN Quick Setup Manual

If you are using the built in service names that the Brother print server supports, you can also use the following: However, please note the Get More Info option will not display any printer data.

All NetWare jobs are spooled through the Novell server and delivered to the printer when it is available. General Information In order to use a Brother print server on a NetWare network, one or more file servers must be configured with a print queue that the print server can service.

Users send their print requests to the file server’s If the NDPS manager controls a printer attached directly to the server, you must load the manager on the server that the printer is attached to.

To add a Printer Driver to the Broker: Make sure the Resource Management Service is enabled. If this is a new printer select create A New Printer Agent. You will then have to select which printer object you wish to upgrade.

Ethernet address MAC address. You can find the node name and MAC address by printing out the printer settings page. Refer to the Quick Setup Guide for information on how to print the settings page. Select the print server that you wish to configure and double click it. You can find the current service name and MAC address by printing out the printer settings page.

Refer to the Quick Setup Guide for information on how to print the settings page on your print server. Double click the appropriate Brother print server. You will be prompted for a password, the default password is access. Now select the NetWare tab.

Force the print server to rescan file servers for print jobs. You can find the NetWare print service name and MAC address by printing out the printer settings page. Highlight the Printers option in the print server Information menu. Remember this number, since it will be used later.

Select print server configuration and then printer configuration. Select any Not Installed printer and press Enter.