Reference for: Bromus unioloides. Source: Poaceae update, database (version Sept. ). Acquired: Notes: Poaceae update for ITIS, in cooperation with . Notes. BRIEF DESCRIPTION An erect grass reaching a height of cm. USES Grown as a forage grass often in mixture with rhodesgrass and white clover. Bromus unioloides H.B.K. main shoot development was studied in plants derived from two natural populations. Plants (from non-vernalized seeds) were grown.

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Bromus catharticus is a species of brome grass known by the common names rescuegrassgrazing bromeprairie grassand Schrader’s bromegrass. The common name rescuegrass refers to the ability of the grass to provide forage after harsh droughts or severe winters. The grass has a diploid number of It is native to South America but it can be found btomus other places, including Europe, Australia and North America, as an introduced species. Bromus catharticus is a coarse winter annual or biennial grass, growing 0.


The sheaths are densely hairy. The upper spikelets are erect and the lower spikelets are nodding or drooping. The glumes are smooth or occasionally slightly scabrous.

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The palea is over half the length of the lemma. The anthers are 0.

Bromus catharticus grows in open and disturbed areas. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Bromus catharticus Scientific classification Kingdom: Bromus bolivianus Renvoize Bromus breviaristatus Hook. Bromus brongniartii Kunth Bromus haenkeanus J. Presl Kunth Bromus mathewsii Steud. Bromus preslii Kunth Bromus schraderi Kunth nom.

Kunth ex Raspail nom. Ceratochloa cathartica Vahl Herter Ceratochloa festucoides P. Presl Ceratochloa pendula Schrad. Presl Ceratochloa simplex Nees Ceratochloa submutica Steud.

Ceratochloa willdenowii Kunth W. Weber Festuca quitensis Spreng. Lunell Schedonorus unioloides Kunth Roem. Serrafalcus unioloides Kunth Samp. Zerna unioloides Kunth Lindm. Retrieved 12 November Flora of North America: Field Guide to Grasses of California. California Natural History Guides illustrated ed.


Bromus unioloides HBK [Taxon]

University of California Press. Retrieved from ” https: Articles with ‘species’ microformats Taxonbars with 25—29 taxon IDs.

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