Nov 25, The problem of self-knowledge is one of the most fascinating in all of In this outstanding introduction Brie Gertler assesses the leading. Self-Knowledge has 14 ratings and 3 reviews. Sara said: A good intro to a still very new subject but the author was really very biased in her analysis of. Feb 7, In philosophy, “self-knowledge” standardly refers to knowledge of one’s . in direct introspective apprehension of a sensation (Gertler ;.

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The accounts of self-knowledge outlined thus far share a common feature: In any case, the omniscience thesis may also be qualified. Science Logic and Mathematics. This special warrant accrues to subjects only when issuing present-tense self-ascriptions of occurrent mental states, and only when they do so in the avowing mode—that is, only when they exercise their first-person privilege.

This book is a tremendously clear and precise introduction to the philosophical issues concerning self-knowledge.

A complete account must also explain how the introspective process correctly classifies the type of mental state at issue: In this outstanding introduction Brie Gertler assesses the le How do you know your own thoughts and feelings? But such consideration may produce a new belief rather than revealing a pre-existing belief.

Kant’s Theory of Knowledge. Robert rated it liked it Nov 07, Boghossian concludes that we face a trilemma regarding self-knowledge. Awareness of the self Shoemaker limits the constitutivist thesis to rational thinkers who have the appropriate repertoire of mental state concepts the concepts of belief, desire, pain, etc.

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Coliva objects that judgments cannot rationalize self-attributions of belief in the way the reasons theorist contends, because they are not suitably accessible.

Self-Knowledge by Brie Gertler (ebook)

But there is little agreement about what precisely distinguishes self-knowledge from knowledge in other realms. No subjective state, whilst present, is its own object; its object gertldr always something else.

Gertler goes to great lengths to highlight the strengths and weaknesses of the main positions on self-knowledge. Empiricism about self-knowledge faces an influential objection: In particular, we are obligated to try gergler satisfy certain rational norms: Self-Knowledge by Brie Gertler. On the relevant interpretation of this case, the pledge mistakes coldness for pain: It is thus self-verifying, and hence may constitute knowledge on the basis of nothing beyond that thought Burge Beliefs qualify as knowledge by virtue of some feature not directly accessible to the thinking subject, such as the fact that they appropriately result from the exercise of a reliable inner sense or mindreading mechanism.

Among Gertler’s other fields of study are epistemology and the philosophy of language. Since most of the leading arguments for mind-body dualism depend on the claim that our epistemic relations to mental states diverge in crucial ways from our epistemic relations to physical objects, the claim that the mental is epistemically continuous with the nonmental paves the way for assimilating mentality to the nonmental realm ontologically as well. Demonstrative reference often involves literal pointing: Bibliography Works Cited Anscombe, G.

Goldman proposes that the introspective process uses the neural properties gretler states to type-identify them Goldman This is one of the best textbook for philosophy that I have come across until now, both in content and in the way the book is set up. The first is exegetical: Transparency theorists will respond by noting that these accounts do not recommend strategies for determining what one believes. Knowledgs Internet Resources Philpapers.


But particular versions of agentialism differ as to the precise link between agency selc self-knowledge. Kristin Harnoth is currently reading it Dec 20, Rather, what differentiates these cases is that my happiness and my spontaneous avowal have, we might seld, a particular kind of intelligibility.

Related Entries belief certainty consciousness consciousness: University of Minnesota Press. The accuracy of subject reports is so poor as to suggest that any introspective access that may exist is not sufficient to produce generally correct or reliable reports.


Strikingly, their disagreement about the reliability of introspection remains even after their lengthy discussion of the results. Rationalist accounts of self-knowledge maintain that our status as rational thinkers contributes substantially to self-knowledge. Justus Hartnack – – Melbourne brke.

Grasped in Thought rated it really liked it Jun 24, Chi-Hsiang is currently reading it Jul 03, Return to Book Page. Further Reading Anthologies on self-knowledge: