Poetic expressions of Swami Ji are published as book titled as “Brahmanand Bhajan Mala” a collection of Sindhi & Hindi devotional songs (Bhajans) created by.

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His relatives thought that the change which had come over him was most sudden and peculiar and so he explained it with the following song:.

Swami Brahmanand Maharaj – The Master of Music

It was full of sin, deluded, preoccupied. His name is a light that will always shine on this earth, like the sun and the moon. I can’t endure the pain of disunion. Disciples of Sri Mahaprabhuji.

Swami Brahmanand Maharaj

He is Omnipresent like the sky, he is perfect purity But without devotion you will miss him, What more shall I explain? And how to send him a letter? I am yours, please put ur glance over me. Bade bade raja aru raani desh khazane hukum diwani Bhoomi brahmanwnd mil gaya rahya nahi ek ishara re 1 Arjun Bheem Karn se bhaare shoorveer ran garjan haare Kaal bali se hare sabhi parlok sidhara re 2 Pandit yogi jan ghanere roopvant gunigan bahutere Apni gaay bajaay gaye jag din me chara re 3 Braymanand jovan gun thir nahi brahmanznd bramhanand nash sab Hoyi parmeshwar ka naam sumar sabse ho nyara re 4.

Listen to my prayers, oh Lord! The onlookers drew back in surprise, some afraid that Mahaprabhuji had also used magic powers, but naturally this was not so. Born on 14 July at small village Khandu [presently part of Sindh in Pakistan] as the son of Jhimibai and Vasandmal, swami ji were given [by the parents, this was tradition in those days that people were offering one of their child for the saints and darbars] in the service of Swami Basantram Ji Maharaj at the age of just ten years only.


You can meet him if you like, for he is just now staying in an ashram not far from here. One who brahmanans truly recognised the Guru bhajsn dwelling in his heart has entered upon the path of perfection.

Only the Divine and Holy name of God is above of all and that is immortal.

The six msla are 1. Now I am a realized being and will come no more to birth. Save me out of the world sea. So how can I get to meet him? But of the thousands who know the Satguru, only a few really recognise him, really know him as that One dwelling in their hearts.

He impressed all with his erudition and could easily win most debates with his nimble mind and eloquence. So which is not permanent that can not be truth. He believed that in this age there were no more real Guru s or yogis. He gradually came to entertain the latter view and began to wonder who the mahatma was who wrote the book and how he might meet him.

Swami Brahmanand

Describing the situation of his heart swamiji wish that someone tell him such a way that he could allure his beloved. Brmhamandji says that there is no other way except of this. He ri sakhi batlay mujhe Beat: Mujhe lijiye bachayi nij kar se 3. My beloved sweetheart sleeps in high towerwhere the presence of any creature or bird is inaccessible.

By chance, Ganeshmalji met one of Mahaprabhuji’s disciples in Pilauni and, while in their home, he idly browsed through their bookshelves. Ganeshmalji brahmanan another bhajan: Mahaprabhuji touched his arm. Want sacrifice my whole life for you. As it is said, “Through Thy grace the lame can climb mountains, the deaf can hear, the dumb can speak.

Jhuth sab jagat pasara Raag: Please come and save me with ur hands. Ganeshmalji also made the common error of blaming his increasing feelings of emptiness on the era in which he lived, that is, kali yuga. When they arrived, Mahaprabhuji was sitting among his followers and Ganeshmalji, neglecting all customary forms of polite greeting, planted himself before Mahaprabhuji and fixed the Saint with his most intensive hypnotic stare. Like musk deer keeps pursuing for odor in woods You are a fool who is roaming in outer world 3anYou are seeking comfort in worldly pleasures But don’t knows the knowledge of self It’s better to get Samadhi than Illusion will end 4.


Acharya of Vedanta On the hierarchy order of saints of recent times of Prem Prakash Mandal, Acharya of Vedanta Philosophy, Swami Brahmanand Ji are placed at higher and honored destination and often entitled with Himalaya of mandal by most of other saints of panth.

Bramhanand bhajanmala

Karma Yogi, Sri Mangilalji Maheshwari. Orno one can help me except you.

Gurudeva, I bow before you, You showed me your true pure form and perfect Light, You are pure consciousness, before which darkness flees, Calling your name dispels difficulties and obstacles, The sun of eternal knowledge rises in your presence, He who meditates on you will be freed from ignorance And will attain bliss.

So the State of true bliss ‘the Samadhi’ is rare and secret. In this piece of poetry swamiji tells about our ignorance, and the only cause is illusion behind this.

Yoga in Daily Life. Swami Bramhanand ji describes the falsehood of the world in this hymn.