The Pale Horseman (Extract). I love the sea. I grew up beside it, though in my memories the seas off Bebbanburg are grey, usually sullen, and rarely sunlit. Outnumbered Saxon forces continue battling Danish invaders in this rousing sequel to the bestselling The Last Kingdom. It’s A.D. , and the. Buy The Pale Horseman (The Last Kingdom Series, Book 2) by Bernard Cornwell (ISBN: ) from Amazon’s Book Store. Everyday low prices and.

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The Pale Horseman: Bernard Cornwell

That’s just an estimate, since I listened to the audio and didn’t have the page count right in front of me. My opinions are of course only that — my opinions — and other people might disagree; but I would say this isn’t heavy going. Section 2 – Chapters 12 14 Dec 20, I have the next one in the s What a fun series this is turning out to be. He comes across a settlement ruled by the British king Peredur, who hires Uhtred and his men to fight an invading Danish force led by Svein of the White Horse.

He rode a white horse, wore a white woollen cloak, and his mail and boar snouted helmet had been scrubbed with sand until they glowed silver in the watery sunlight.

A series of contemporary thrillers with sailing as a background and common themes followed: If I wasn’t convinced already, I am now.

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So there were new elements. I really liked how the book covered a much shorter timespan than the previous volume, I felt that I got to know Uhtred more as a character. Uhtred has grown up a little and is more resolute in his ambitions since we last saw him.


And I ocrnwell not want to write like this to make money, or make fans, or make myself famous, I just want to have this skill for myself, to know that I can do it, to know that I can create magic on paper, although, Bernard Cornwell, in this bernzrd at least, is more than merely skilled, he is an absolute master. Section 2 – Chapters However, Uhtred realizes the day will come when he benard make a choice to carry on fighting the Danes, or join them.

My enemies had money and Alfred claimed that I owed the church money, and the courts of Defnascir would be chasing me for wergild.

Discover what to read next. I just totally get it.

Of course, being his female companion or his male companion could get me a sword to the head or a spear to the gut, but hey, wouldn’t I get to go to Valhalla and party in the feast hall? He is starting to accumulate skills, knowledge and experience that he may need to fulfill what he believes to be his destiny: Fully expecting recognition for the deed upon his return to King Alfred, Uhtred meets the inexorable fate he always believed in.

You can read these books one after another without feeling like you’re spending too much of your time retracing the previous book. She tried to claw her fingers through the eye-holes of my new helmet and I had to slap her again, betnard made my men laugh.

A monk named Asser, who was at Peredur’s court, witnesses the betrayal and escapes to Dyfed in Wales.

The Pale Horseman (Extract) | Bernard Cornwell

One hprseman realises that only through Alfred can he regain his former Earldom. His enemies in horsejan, no matter what th Yet again, Cornwell has cracked it! I dressed for battle as the oars were shipped, then pulled on my helmet so that suddenly the edges of my vision were darkened by its face plate.


Well, whatever she did, it made me roar with laughter! The Danes had burned everything, pulled down the church and dug up the graves in search of gold. I am very happy that “There comes a moment in life when we see ourselves as others see us.

The young English nobleman Uhtred, captured and raised by the Danes, is called upon by King Alfred to save his kingdom from the Danes. Yet pride grows in Uhtred: After publishing eight books in his ongoing Sharpe series, Cornwell was approached by a production company interested in adapting them for television.

The Pale Horseman: Bernard Cornwell – The Idle Woman

The books are historical fiction, and although I’m far from a history junky, I find myself completely enthralled with this era and its fiction and non-fiction characters alike. Sword Song- A familiar four stars 5. Thanks for telling us about the problem. General Discussion No Spoilers 13 19 Jan 12, Some of the oar blades struck rock as we pulled, but bernarrd broke, and I was staring at the ship ahead, so close now, and her prow was a snarling wolf, and I could see men and women staring at us, not believing what they saw.