On that episode, Altucher talked about his book Choose Yourself, but also elaborated a bit on an idea he called the “daily practice.” Simply put. So when I read James Altucher’s “Choose Yourself” it all kind of clicked. One of the chapters discusses “the simple daily practice”. He makes. Hacking the Daily Practice. Inspired by James Altucher’s Choose Yourself books. My pitcher was empty. Again. And I’m not talking about the.

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Simply put, a daily practice is a routine of things that you do every day to maintain or improve the major aspects of your life. Altucher points to four major areas of life to cover: Those areas probably seem familiar to those who know the works of Stephen Covey, as he identifies these four spheres in his book The Seven Altucehr of Highly Effective People.

A daily practice is something that you do each and every day to improve at least one of those areas. First of all, you can choose elements of your daily practice that directly improve your personal finance.

Perhaps you can adopt a daily routine of reading a chapter in a personal finance book or maybe you can spend thirty minutes on some task intended to save money trust me, there are more than enough things people can do to save money to prachice half an hour each day. For yet another, nothing that I do for my daily altuchwr costs any money at all. For yet anothersome of the elements of a good daily practice can cultivate skills and business ideas.

So, prachice does this actually work? Set dailt a block of time for as much of it as is reasonable. I spend about two hours each day going through my daily practice. Your exact time commitment might vary. I have a checklist of the things I do each day for my daily practice. That checklist is not set in stone.

Every element should be meaningful. The purpose of the daily practice is to make the things it takes to build that better life you want into a routine.

Keep that in mind as you do it. The idea here is to do something to improve the physical state of your body. Your body needs sleep. It needs healthy food but not too much. It needs to move around and stretch. I mostly just try to stick to those principles above. This takes perhaps ten minutes if I really get down to business.

I use DDP Yoga for this. This was something that a friend recommended to me to help with lower back pain and with flexibility and it certainly helps with both of those things. It takes about twenty to thirty minutes a day, depending on what I choose. Overall, I spend thirty to forty minutes of my daily practice on improving my physical condition.

Those happen to just be the things that I personally do. Here are a few other ideas that might work well for you. Take a fitness class. Many gyms and community health centers offer fitness classes of all kinds.


Start a basic weightlifting routine. Mild weightlifting can be good for everyone. It improves strength, gets your heart rate pumping, and can easily be done at home with a few barbells that you can get from any secondhand sporting good store. A friend of mine goes out in his backyard each day and flops around a tractor tire for fifteen minutes for this same weightlifting effect. Improve your diet in some regard. There are almost infinite options here. You can choose to go vegetarian. You can choose to go vegan before six in the evening.

You can choose to just skip lunches. I choose to put these together in the same grouping because how you feel about yourself and how you interact with others are heavily tied together.

Is there a real connection there? I touch base with an old friend. Often, this will turn into a conversation that can last for days, but it almost always lifts me up. It only takes a minute or two to get the ball rolling, which is the real part of my daily practice.

I do something purely for fun. Maybe I play a game of solitaire.

I just devote about fifteen minutes to something I purely enjoy. Look for someone who needs help and provide that help.

How to Get Out of a Rut: The Daily Practice & Why it Works

Maybe someone needs you to run an errand for them. Maybe someone needs something that you just have laying around the house. Just offer that help. Practic on building a positive friendship. If you know someone with whom a positive friendship might be a possibility, spend some time building up that friendship. Your mind needs exercise just as your body does.

Making a “Daily Practice” Work for You

Just like your body, your mind gets stuck on certain tracks depending on the nature of your life. A flexible mind should be able to handle almost everything life throws at it. I take a lot of free online classes through the online course offerings atucher by many colleges.

I strive to spend thirty minutes each day on the class, listening to the lectures, taking notes, and pausing things when I want to think or look other things up. Basically, I come up with a target for brainstorming — it really could be anything — and I try to make a list of at least ten ideas associated with it.

This sometimes takes the form of playing a solitaire game.

How to be THE LUCKIEST GUY ON THE PLANET in 4 Easy Steps – James Altucher

At other times, I literally open a puzzle book and work on a puzzle there. I try to work on different types of puzzles on different days — a number puzzle one day, a logic puzzle the next day, a solitaire game the following day, and maybe a cryptic crossword the day after that. The goal is to constantly stretch my mind in different directions.

Read a chapter of a challenging book. Pick a przctice on a topic that really interests you but might be just a bit beyond your level of understanding. Then, tackle it, a chapter or a section at a time. You can use a free program like Duolingo to teach yourself a new alucher in your spare time. Just challenge yourself to complete one or two lessons per day. Read and take notes on a Wikipedia article on a challenging but interesting topic.


Write a computer program. Writing a computer program is great mental exercise. It forces you to keep breaking down a problem into the simplest of steps and translating those simple steps into a different language. For some, it may refer to a deeper connection with their god. For others, it may involve a altcuher study of their chosen religion.

For yet others, it may simply mean a deeper connection to the world around you. None of those answers are strictly wrong or right, but they all do involve a deeper connection to the world. The goal, for me, is to try to understand the messages being presented more deeply, not just for myself, but also atucher understand how it has shaped society, particularly today. How is this document influencing the world as a whole right now?

For me, the line — if there is one — between meditation and prayer is awfully blurry. Whatever it is, I spend five minutes doing it each day. Make a list of five good things that happened to you today. This serves to deepen your connection to the world around you and help you find some gratitude for the many, many things the world gives you. Show gratitude to someone who has done something for you or for society at large.

Read a chapter of any holy book. A deeper understanding of any widely-held religious tradition can deepen your own convictions and understanding. I fully intend to read the holy books of several other faiths once my own Biblical study is finished.

The purpose of a daily practice is simple: When you do that, you make it much easier for yourself to blaze a better path in all avenues of life — professionally, personally, financially, socially, and so on. Whatever you alltucher to do, chances are that it will improve you in some vital way.

The Daily Practice in Action So, how does this actually work? The Physical The idea here is to do something to improve the physical state of your body. The Mental Your mind needs exercise just as your body does.

My Mental Daily Practice The focus of my mental practice is threefold — learning, creativity, and problem solving. Other Ideas for Mental Daily Practice Here are some other ideas for mental daily practice that might work well for you.

Other Ideas for Spiritual Daily Practice Here are a few other ideas for your altuchr spiritual daily practice. Final Thoughts The purpose of a daily practice is simple: Let’s keep in touch. Get the best of The Simple Dollar, right in your inbox.