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February 15 February 22 February 23 February 28 March 01 March 17 Create an account Sign in. Manual forum How to photograph the aquarium? I forgot my password Create an account. News and curiosities related to plant aquariums, and posts that do not match other departments. Quote Odpowiedz12 February 15 Peter Baszuckiego let me brief review positions, which can be a good material for each pictorial budding aquarist.

The book neatly delivered in a hard, shiny frame on a nice paper.

Akwarium domowe

This is confirmed empiryrycznie Yellow Pages survived a meeting with my nine-month old daughter. A large number of colorful figures, readable diagrams. The book is written in simple language and goes with the spirit of modern aquariums, not to mention such issues as nano aquaristics, plant aquariums, Nature aquarium, LT aquariums.

In the position we can see the descriptions of modern aquarium equipment from bucket filters, starting with computers and aquarium refrigerators, finishing. All important aspects of tank planting are also emphasized, ie appropriate lighting, substrate, filtration, water parameters, fertilization, technique CO2. The book describes the most commonly grown plants and aquarium animals including invertebrates.

Each species described in terms of the requirements of the tank, water, design, nutrition, reproduction supported by color photography and their own insights recognized in anecdotes and memories of his youth aquarium. Extensive passages are devoted to the “Golden your fish” and “Paletkom” – here the author of the storm myths operating in the consciousness of the beginner aquarist or ‘vendor’ shop akwarystycznym- if the latter deign to reach the same position.

I think that this position can be recommended as a basic compendium for people wanting to start their adventure with aquaristics-such a sentence will appear in reviews of books from half wieku- but this is just the difference; book published in r.

From what I read, I conclude that it will be an interesting option for people who are just getting started with aquaristics, though certainly and experienced aquarists will find something for themselves.

Last revised February 15 This is not in any way a classic textbook Aquarium, rather, a kind of personal diary containing practical advice on setting up an aquarium, cultivation of selected species of plants and the care and breeding of fish species I tried our best to fulfill this task and presented aquarium hobby in a very personal way, not only affordable, but above all entertaining and devoid of boring, didactic tone by presenting it as the title passion capable to steer the fate of a man who has devoted her.


I hope I’ve succeeded, but leave the final assessment honorable readers. This book is addressed mainly to beginners and intermediate aquarists, including those who only wear with the intention to purchase an aquarium and would like for this task reliably prepare, as well as to those who first Aquarium steps have already passed and met not easy to overcome the difficulties. I think, however, that it may also interest the more experienced aquarium hobbyists, as her writing came out of the assumption that everyone, even the seemingly most common species of fish has a hidden beauty that – in the appropriate setting – can make it the undisputed aquarium decoration.

Hence the very detailed descriptions of all fish together with information on their environmental requirements and reproduction, supported me over 25 years of practice aquarium and many years of professional experience, resulting, among others, work in shop wholesalers and aquarium and a long collaboration with WAREHOUSE AQUARIUM fish-and other periodicals, both domestic and foreign.

On the pages of my book includes extensive information on setting up an aquarium, selection of technical equipment and decoration, growing dozens of aquarium plants and breeding 50 fish species. It also contains practical advice for care tank after his assumption, both for everyday and unusual situations, such as the emergence of algae, unwanted snails and fish diseases. It is a pity that the author is not a user of our forum We would welcome the person of Mr.

If it would be possible in its own name and others warmly invite.

AKWARIUM MOJA PASJA – Paweł Zarzyński | eBay

From the description it appears that the form in which the book was published “loose buddy talk about the aquarium”.

Ladies and Gentlemen, thank you very much for your interest in my book. In fact, it is difficult to call me a user of this forum because I’m not sure I’ve ever written here before at least one post, but I’m on it for a long time even registered in order to keep track of interesting discussions here that roll. Heiko is adamant that these fish in nature do not occur in the waters in which they grow plants in fact, so they do not know akwsrium it is.

Their proper living environment are embedded in the water the trees. It is in their tangle dwell, hide from enemies and looking for food.

I have also seen images projected by him for discus aquariums based solely on very many decorations from the branches zero plants and subdued light – the fish moj in them were really great and impressive stained. Assuming that Heiko is right as a matter of discus should not be so theoretically to let aquariums with abundant vegetation, as it has done many growers.


On the other hand, many of my friends almost breeding these fish in aquariums Dutch paeja achieves excellent results regular and healthy spawning numerous offspring. In my opinion, in the case of these important fish it is therefore more water, its composition and purity suitable and proper nutrition than the interior of the tank. Thank you very much for your reply and once again I wish you success in the promotion of the book at the same time encouraging everyone to read it.

The fact that publication of literature on the Polish market at the aquarium which is not often appear in positions our native authors very happy. Hello I must admit that I am pleasantly surprised by the price of the book. The price is affordable. Quote Odpowiedz12 Mona 22 He had mojq already in the hands of this book? As pasjja it is actually worth buying? Last revised March 17 koja, Is still good books about plants, some still wait for the injection of cash. Quote Odpowiedz12 February 23 If I’m not mistaken, it’s over the past few years, it appeared that no comprehensive book concerning Polish author.

With the more joy I read the publication p. I still remember the great author of articles on fish zbrojnikowatych unless published in M. Since more than twenty years, most of the books gather aquarium Polish authors, this will be the same. After years they have even greater value to the reader sentimental collectorthan at the time of issue. By the way, the editors encourage pasjaa to issue a self-published, perhaps a collective work of our beloved field.

Humility against the laws of nature. Robert Butcher I invite you to visit the blog, small formats. Quote Odpowiedz12 February 28 I recommend this publication. Quote Odpowiedz12 March 01 Quote Odpowiedz12 March akwaruim Just starting to enter the colorful world of the aquarium, so this book will be for me the ideal guide Thank you for your encouraging review!

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