Guida per trasformare le Vs. Sim in Nano Sim. For anyone worrying about the whole nano sim thing, don’t, I cut my micro sim down standing in the car park .

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By Gleeful Gleescaper on January 3, 9: Typically, from a mini, you would move on to micro or nano depending on the new phone model.

Would cutting sim card into a nano sim work?

People had done it successfully, so I guess we could give it a try too. I had cut my SIM card from mini to micro, it was successful. One thing to note when cutting the sim card, is to align the lines of the contacts so that it continues to be aligned to the contacts in the phone.


Just be careful when cutting the plastic. Beats our own vague estimations!

If in doubt, refer and compare with the diagram above in blue coloror use the template. Blunt edge can cause damage to the plastic and render poor fit when inserting into the phone. As you can see from the above diagram, the metal contacts are pretty fragile, so please be gentle.

Nnao trim slowly until the SIM card fits nicely.

SIM Card Surgery: Normal-SIM to Micro-SIM to Nano-SIM

Also to note, is that the nano SIM card, which is used by the newer phones such as iPhone 5, and iPad mini, is specified to be 0. Most new phones should be built to accept the slight difference in the thickness, but if your phone is not tolerant of the differences in SIM card thickness, you may need to gently use a fine sandpaper to pare the thickness down a little bit.

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How To Convert Micro SIM To Nano SIM For iPhone 5 | Redmond Pie

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