The Aghora books have been embraced world-wide for their frankness in broaching subjects generally In this third volume of the Aghora trilogy the Ag More. Aghora: At the Left Hand of God is the first book in the Aghora trilogy. Written almost entirely in Vimalananda’s own words, it presents events from his life, tenets. Posted May 29, This trilogy forms a portion of the story of the Aghori Vimalananda. An aghori is a practitioner of Aghora, the spiritual discipline that takes.

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Though the aghori speaks of talking to shankaracharya, he also abuses him. Reminds me a aghota deal of a Tantrik Castaneda not a bad thing at all.

I feel lucky even to have read this book. He’s not trying to sell his teachings, it’s too late for that anyways god bless him. I did not find any part of this offensive. Learn more about Amazon Prime.

Robert Svoboda, two experts and long-term practitioners. Clearly, a book that falls into many categories. Aghora sadhanas destroy everything down to the ground of consciousness and rebuild from the bottom up.

Jul 09, Riju Ganguly rated it did not like it. Mar 08, Robert M. If Robert is reading these archives, which he was sometime ago, we hope he shares more of his opinion with us.

Aghora: At the Left Hand of God

Vimalananda devoted his entire life in the pursuit of attaining a personal experience of God and advises the readers to undertake a similar quest. And surprisingly, it talks about the same concepts as aggora would find in various literature on the right side of spiritual attainments. Add 3 Items to Cart. Want to Read Currently Reading Read. Thanks for telling us about the problem.


It is just so much more than knowledge on the Aghora cult. Why did he disrespect shankaracharya? Customers who viewed this item also viewed.

Also, he states that he is a follower of Pushti marga and naturally shuns mAyAvAda and its preceptor, shankara. One of those good reads and don’t to this at home books. Had dabbled a bit in Tantra, a decade or so ago, so would trikogy label this one as insane or totally bizarre. Jul 02, Pangaea Pangaea rated it it was amazing.

The third book in the Aghora trilogy featuring Dr. Rnanubandhana bondage to karmic debt as a concept returns many times throughout the book. Summary Of Aghira Book Aghora aghoora with the spiritual discipline of Tantra that takes it to its very extreme, and a person practicing it is an Aghori. It is words of wisdom. Will move on to Book II soon.

Amazon Drive Cloud storage from Amazon. These two indigenous healing arts that arose independently in China and India communed and exchanged experience, techniques, and therapeutic substances over the epochs of their development. Trying tri,ogy understand a spiritual concept by reading a book, is an exercise in futility, since all that we read therein are 3rd party accounts, hearsay, claims, and sundry tall tales.

My boss recommended this book while having a conversation. Jul 05, Murali rated it it was ok.

Aghora: At the Left Hand of God by Robert E. Svoboda

Instead, I was pleasantly surprised to have a storytelling aghori Vimalananda address the triloyg as if he just met him at a bar. Hidden within the form of every sliding aghhora are the infinite tracks of destiny and the profound and underlying philosophical truths they reveal.

Nothing will or ever will match the content of this book,IF you are seeking in depth insights of your personal life,then read it,and understand your Life. Available in English in the US and India.

Aghora: At the Left Hand of God v. I

Posts What is RSS? Over 40 illustrations by Robert Beer. There are never technical discussions about the teachings of shankara but his criticism of the achArya is generally based on popular tales associated with shankara. The Law of Karma Paperback. Compelled to pen down my disappointment as I had high expectations from this book.


This is the world he knows best and of which he sees the metaphysical reasons for being as such. This book offers an introductory look at the dynamics of space and reveals how aligning ourselves to our personal spaces can be of benefit.

The book not only accounts for numerous incidents tripogy his life but profound insight into the Indian philosophy of Karma and rnanubandh karmik debts. Aghora deals with the spiritual discipline of Tantra that takes it to its very extreme, and a person practicing it is an Aghori. The telling of mythic stories has always been a powerful form of therapy, bringing healing to people facing adversity.

All the spiritual seekers belonging to the school of Bhakti should go through this book in order to overcome Maya and go to the lotus feet of Tara,our eternal Maa.

Vastu is the Indian science of space, similar to the Chinese aguora shui, which extends the knowledge of circulation of the life force prana in the body to the spaces around us. Its not first time, i am hearing these stories, i have heard enough from my father regarding this studyand also from many other people, but the philosophy was never explained so beautifully.