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Asked by crazymom56 May 28, at DavidH25 answered 5 years ago. Every time that question appears I think the same thing, and would not tell them if I knew, and it seems to get asked a lot. No I am not trying to steal a car. I think I am being taken advantage of These guys have supposedly replaced practically everything ,in the car My car turns chevrloet and over but will not start. I think it has something to do with the anti theft device.

Can you tell me how to fix this.

Wanted owner’s manual for Chevrolet Malibu Maxx

Turn the ignition in the on position leave it there for 10minutes once the theft system stops blinking turn the ignition in the off position then give it a try it should crank right up if you have the owners manual it’s in there I had this issue I thought something was wrong with my fuel pump good luck.

Please go to the following site. You need to bypass the antitheft system. Who is going to steal a car?? I had the same issue for about 2 months before I found this site. You basically create at 2kohm circuit between your yellow and black wire on the ignition switch.

Ownera the code is learned by your body control module you’ll never have a problem. You will need to remove radio, and position to side and unbolt the ignition switch and create the circuit. God Bless Berger for his post!!! Carol answered 5 years ago. This stinks because my car is doing this again and they have no record of a problem chevrolrt the Malibu. They just don’t want to fix all our cars.

John answered 5 years ago. I am suffering the same problem. Don’t know what is causing it, and I don’t know ownerw the antitheft light is located. There is a symbol when you turn the key on, but cheevrolet goes out after 30 seconds or so. Ive already tried turning it off for 10 min, then 15 min and turning the headlights off, trying anything I see on the net.

As for the retarded anti-theft snafu, Im still working on that one as my wifes car died while driving because of it! I have this very same problem for months now. NOW, sometimes while I am driving mqnual shuts off!! I thought I was the only one having this problem until I found forums with this problem going back to !!

Their lack of response manuall this issue shows me they care nothing about the safety mslibu the people driving their cars!!! It gets asked a lot because it’s a universally crappy feature of this car.


I had this problem repeatedly, and when I googled anti-theft problems a whole page of Chevy Malibu pages came up.

Interior Fuse Box Location: 2004-2008 Chevrolet Malibu

Initially I replaced the fuel pump, and the problem kept happening. YouTube gave me the help I needed. And yeah, no one in their right mind would steal this car.

Lynly answered 4 years ago. Why I cbevrolet trying to shut off anti theft system, cuz the car kept locking up, carried it to Chevy place. So I thought if we could undo auto theft we would b alright! Speaker had blew up and it messed everything up in the car, so to all teenagers I wouldn’t put a stereo system in a Malibu that’s for sure!

Cars aren’t built like they use to me, to much heavy technology! My daughters Malibu would crank but would not start. I noticed that none of the dash idiot lights would come on and the fuel gage didn’t move I just disconnected the positive cable on the battery, turned the key to the start to drain any juice from the system. Jen answered 4 years ago. I had problems with my Malibu for sometime starting it, I did the 10 minute thing about 50 times and it worked.

Now the lodgt won’t flash so Dhevrolet can do the 10 minute thing. Renofamily answered 4 years ago. I have an 08 malibue. A week or two ago my antitheft light came on. It was for two days and then it went away. I had now manuxl with the functionality of the car though. So after a while no problems, no light Like it was stuck. The car was fully powered up but it was still starting. So I turned the key back and removed it only to see that the starter kept going. I had to disconnect the battery to stop it.

I reconnected the battery after 30 min and the starter still turns over and over. Could this just be the antitheft or do you think its a starter or solenoid problem? Elizabeth answered 3 years ago.

I had to laugh at that first question i read. How to disarm anti theft alarm. Cuz thats mysame question, and NO chdvrolet not trying to steal a car, the car, its my car. I just bought it 2 days ago, only a few times have i successfully unlocked the car where the alarm didnt go off.

Every other time, it never fails, it sounds the alarm as soon as i get the door open.

There has been a few different things ive tried. Going into the stereo where fancy settings are i can go to alarm and select off. By pressing and holding chevrolett bottom turn dial, until it displays the word settings.

This can only be done while key is in ignition and turn maliby ACC. Okay so its in the off setting, everytime ive went into the settings where alarm control is its set back to on. Ive tried sticking key in door just unlocking it, in door locking it then unlocking it.


If someone can help please. Its embarrasing when your holding the keys to your car opening door and alarm goes off. Ellen answered 3 years ago. What if you have a a car that you bought used and you later found out that the car did have a anti-theft device that was removed? Apparently, the original owner removed it and did not tell anyone that this car had an anti-theft device. I found this out when I was having a problem six years ago with the car not starting, I thought that it was the battery.

That is when I found out that my car used to have an anti-theft device. They said that they knew because there were lights on under the dash, so the box or whatever they said was not removed. I told them that I never had an anti-theft on y car.

I was stunned to hear this. I checked with the Saturn dealer, and gave them my VIN on the car. So, the previous owner had it installed somewhere. I got this car from a trusted mechanic, and he was always immaculate with his cars, and apparently, he did not know about this.

Then a few months ago when the car did stall and I could not re-start it. I called AAA to have it towed, thinking 20006 it was the battery or a mechanical. The AAA tow driver got it started, and thought it may be the fuel pump. AAA car care said that nothing showed in the diagnostics and the fuel pump was fine.

They were able to get it started, and let me take it home, at no charge. I took it back two more ownsrs about the same problem about the car being hesitant when starting, and again, they found no problem. This time I decide to take the car somewhere else. When they went to start it to take it in their garage it would not start.

They looked under the car, and saw that whatever the starter is connected is faulty. They were able to start the car, but it was hesitant.

Warranty & Support

So, I got a new starter. That was two weeks chevrlet. Now, over the last two days, my car started to do the same thing, hesitating when starting, so after I start the care, I need to accelerate to give it gas, so that it won’t stall. So, that got me thinking about anti-theft devices. I would like to know if a person has an anti-theft removed from a car, will the car eventually have problems starting?

I have Saturn SL2. This problem is the only real problem that I have had with this car. One of the indicator lights on my car does say security.